The Creator

I’m a Libra from Kansas. Grew up in a town of 1,500 and have stepped up to a city of more than 300,000. I have a wonderful husband, amazing family, beautiful and intelligent friends (I must surround myself with these types of people so I can learn something from them!) and a 3-year-old golden lab named Wrigley, who although in dog years is 21, acts like a human 3-year-old!Ā 

Life is good. Thanks for reading my blog! picture-35



2 responses to “The Creator

  1. Dad

    Ally & Matt –

    Thanks for the great meal from PeeWee last night. Loved the lettuce wrap and Mongolian beef. Can’t believe that EVERYONE doesn’t love that stuff.

    Looking forward to our trip to Silver Lake! Am saving lots of cigars for the trip.

    Have a great weekend – love you both!

    DAD šŸ™‚

  2. I’m not sure what this says about me, but I can scroll through a barrel of photos; children, rainbows, butterflies – but my heart just melts at the sight of a pup šŸ™‚ You got a cute on in Wrigley!

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