Sad Times

Though I really wanted to sit down and blog about the last few weeks, which included a trip to Kansas to celebrate the impending arrival of three new babies to my three good friends, our first visit to Arkansas to see Jenna and Josh as well as getting to meet my brother’s girlfriend, Alex, for the first time.

But instead, I feel it only appropriate to dedicate this blog post to the one and only Bob. The annoyingly smelly, yet hilariously happy basset hound who graced my brother and our family’s presence for close to four years, but passed away yesterday due to, after some googling, Gastric Dilation and Volvulus (GDV). This is when the stomach becomes bloated and and then twisted which has sever effects on circulation as well as the entire body.

What makes this the most sad is that my brother was not expecting it! He took Bob in to the vet because he was planning on getting his manhood removed (something that was long overdue!). Matt said that Bob must have sensed this was happening and decided to move on to a better place, where his manhood could stay intact forever!

But once they were at the vet, he noticed the issues Bob was having and sent Jord and Bob to Topeka for a surgical procedure. Jord was forewarned that he might not make it out of surgery and unfortunately, he did not. He was taken and buried in an open field somewhere in Topeka and Jord did all of this on his own.

I realize that this is just a dog, so what I’m about to say might sound ridiculous. But I know I speak for all of my family when I say that Bob wasn’t just a dog, he was a part of the family. And he was my brother’s best friend.

When my mom called me yesterday afternoon to tell me the news, I was in instant shock because I was certain she was wrong – I knew Bob was going to outlive all of us! And after a few minutes of letting it sink in, I could not stop crying. Neither could my mom.

When I calmed down, I called Jord who didn’t answer, so I called Matt. And cried.

Then Jord called me back.

And we both cried.

My brother doesn’t cry people. But when you lose something that has been apart of your life as much as Bob has been in Jord’s, the only thing you can do when you lose that something is to cry.

I’d give anything to be able to chase Bob around the yard one last time, while he tried to chase me back. Or to scream, “ROBERT!!!!” one last time. I did this alot when he was our roommate for nine months.

Here are a few posts that I thought everyone would enjoy re-reading about Bob’s time with us in Wichita, as well as a few pictures.

Robert, I hope you are happy up in dog heaven, eating all of the disgusting things that you usually ate while on earth, and chasing/barking at the others that are trying to invade the space near your food, and chasing your tail, and running all around open spaces because you aren’t trapped by a gate or fence, and then ending your day by laying on the largest bed ever made that is to your height so you can jump right up on it.

We will all miss you … maybe not your stench … but you!

Bob Posts & Pics:
Growing Up
Why I Think Bob will Live with Me Forever
Report on Roberto
Baby It’s Cold Outside… and I’m Not Moving!
Who Let the Dogs In

When we were all home at the same time, this is where you would always find these two...

One happy family!


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  1. Jenna

    Great tribute … sad news indeed!

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