Storm of the Year

… Gave us maybe two inches of snow!

But I’m not complaining! We dealt with this for our first winter in Minnesota last year!

I will take two inches of snow as the storm of the year compared to 18!

On Monday, we were told to expect 6-12 inches and I braced myself thinking this really would be our big storm, so let’s just get through it and move on to spring. By the afternoon, it had switched to 4-8 inches. By yesterday morning, it was 1-3″… and by last night, we were just getting rain.

But we did wake up to more snow this morning. Which meant the only way for Matt to get to his car to leave for work was to either a) suck it up and RUN to the car in his dress clothes or b) shovel the sidewalks before he left.

He chose B which I appreciate because if he didn’t do it, I knew I would have to just for Sloane and I to get to the car. That’s right people… when it snows here, we don’t hunker down! We live our lives! 😉

So… thanks to my wonderful husband for really getting down and dirty… in his dress clothes.


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