Keeping Secrets

… is NOT one of my strong suits. Depending on the severity of the secret, you can almost guarantee that I will tell one person.

Luckily for the secret tellers, the person I usually tell is my husband. Who forgets what I told him after two hours.

Fine when it comes to secrets, not so fine when it comes to things I really need him to remember – secret or non-secret – such as the date of our 20 week appointment to find out if we are having a boy or girl.

No big deal… just the sex of our baby. Something we will live with the rest of our lives!

At the beginning of January I had a nuchal translucency test ran just to make sure everything looked OK with the baby … and so we could actually see the baby since the only ultrasound we would have is at our 20 week appointment. I had put this appointment in Matt’s phone as a reminder. And he remembered. But because of work, he couldn’t make it (if his work could physically fight, I would have kicked its a** up and down the street by now).

So I went by myself and while doing the ultrasound, the tech asked if we wanted to find out the sex.

Ummm… wha??? I had no idea that was something that she would be able to know that early on (I was just over 13 weeks at that point). She said with 75 percent accuracy, she could tell me. Since Matt wasn’t there, I didn’t know what to do! Should I find out, hold it over his head that since he didn’t make it to the appointment, I knew if it was a girl or boy.

Or not find out at all (BOOO!).

OR have the gal write it down and we would find out together.

Since he didn’t answer his phone to tell me which option to go with, I went with option three. So the ultrasound tech gave me an envelope with the important information inside and home I went.

Without peeking.

All day long.

It was a looong day.

We didn’t get to open the envelope until after 8 p.m. that night and ofcourse, as soon as we found out (with 75 percent accuracy) what it was, I wanted to call my family.

But we also wanted to be more sure that it was what the note said it was… so we decided to wait until our 20-week appointment.

But ever since then, my dad, the all-time WORST secret keeper, has continued to question me, beg me to tell him what we are having.

He must have me pegged for a fool! The last time I told him to keep a secret, he sent out a mass text to everyone in his phone that he was going to be a grandpa… before we had told anyone!

This pregnancy, my sister decided to out me on Facebook.

So you can see why it is hard for me to keep secrets. I come from a family of non secret keepers!

But I must pat myself on the back this time around. Though I have divulged the secret information to a few select people, I have not told my family or friends what we think we are having. And that’s a LONG time to go having to watch what you say when it comes to talking about the baby.

My sister asked Matt to give her the first letter of the sex of the baby. Matt replies ‘B’. I look at him, like, ‘Dude? What are you doing?’

He responds, “Baby starts with ‘B’!”

You know what also starts with a ‘B’, honey?

Good grief…

So… we are a week away from releasing the secret.

You can expect a text from my dad with the news!



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5 responses to “Keeping Secrets

  1. Well that’s just mean. I thought you were going to reveal the news! Regardless, I can’t wait to find out!

  2. Allyson

    My apologies! Wish I could divulge sooner… But then what the tech told us would end up being wrong and then it’s a big mess! 🙂

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  3. Nicole

    Can’t wait!!

  4. Jenna

    What? The Hills’ can’t keep secrets? This is completely new information… I love this family!

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