And just in time for Valentine’s Day…

Well… isn’t this just cute?

Olympic Swimmer Proposes to Girlfriend

Not bad looking either!

Also… I went and saw ‘The Vow’ last night. I was nervous the movie would be a flop after seeing six previews prior to the movie starting of AWFUL movies coming out. I  mean seriously… I think I’d prefer to watch a two-hour documentary on the life of snails than watch some of these movies coming out!

But, luckily, ‘The Vow’ was a very good movie! Completely sad at times, but with a great ending. But yet another movie with an over-the-top representation of love. The kind where you question your own relationship and how it could not be as extraordinary as it is in the movies. Why do they always do that?!

Anyway, I recommend it if you’re searching for something to see… ‘Breaking Dawn, Part 1’ also came out over the weekend and I HIGHLY recommend it. The best of all the Twilight films – acting wise. Both Rob Pattinson and Kristin Stewart actually do some acting, not just fumble over their words and try their hardest not to look at each other. It will REALLY REALLY question your relationship! 🙂

Happy early Valentine’s Day!




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