Time to Fix This Here Kitchen Up

As many of you know, Matt and I purchased our Minneapolis home sight unseen.

That’s right… We did not physically view this house before we paid a large load of cash for it. We didn’t test drive before we purchased.

It’s not something I ever would recommend to anyone… in fact, I myself did not want to do it. But in that moment, we didn’t have many other options. We needed to be moved by mid-June when Matt really got busy with his job. Every house we had looked at on our one-time home search visit did not do much for us. This one popped up online one day and we decided not to pass it up.

Like I have said in previous posts, God works in funny and mysterious ways… and is also quite smart because he decided to give a sixth-month pregnant woman, who was moving to a brand new city with zero friends and zero knowledge of where she was, a break on the house part. The first time I saw our house (besides the online pictures which rarely do justice anything!) was the day I walked into it to live.

And it was wonderful! Compared to the numerous other houses we had looked at on our home search visit, it was HUGE… and just a good-looking home… in my eyes. Thankfully, my dad had come up a week early to help Matt get a few rooms painted, but that was all that needed to be done!

Well… to get us started…

We have no plans on moving anywhere at the moment, but we do know that when that time does come, we need to have a few things updated… such as the kitchen.

Our kitchen is what you would call… very small. I walked it a few minutes ago and it’s 11 feet wide by 10 feet long.

I never understood the real importance of counter space and cabinet space… until I moved here! I still love it and we have made do. But I know what I will be looking for in my next home… A BIG KITCHEN!

Here is what our kitchen currently looks like:

Yep... it's small!

Left half of our kitchen ....

Right half of kitchen....

Sink, dishwasher, cabinets...


So as you can see… it’s a small space. Luckily, there are nice appliances… which makes it look cooler?! I donno…

Anyway, we have been to Lowes and Home Depot the past two weekends doing some browsing. Right now, we are going to focus on new back splash for behind the sink and the left wall, behind the stove, fridge, etc. We are also going to install new countertops, a new sink, and new flooring.

This is where we need some help! We are SO confused! Well… I am confused. My husband would never admit that!

I usually can tell if things are going to look good together or if they won’t. When it comes to clothing. Or home decor.

When it comes to choosing the correct color of countertop to go with a white kitchen and the correct backsplash to go with both of those things, I get very confused! Below are thumbnails of backsplash that we are interested in.

Option 1, 2 and 3 are all glass tile backsplashes… after awhile, they all look the same! We don’t want anything too crazy or bright…

Option 4 is a natural stone backsplash (there is also a darker version of this as well we like). We had considered using it either behind the sink or behind the stove… not on both?

Option 5 we came across as we were leaving and kind of REALLY liked it. Our thought was to put it behind the stove? But then what kind of backsplash do you do behind the sink? Would the glass tile still look OK?


Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5

And then we have the countertops. We are leaning towards a darker gray (which makes me question if it would look OK with any of the above backsplashes). Did I mention how confused I am (we are)?

Counter option 1

Counter option 2

Counter option 3

Counter option 4


So… that’s what I have for you. If anyone has any opinions, hints as to how to actually pick, advice, tips, ANYTHING… please feel free to express those thoughts here!

Then if you feel like telling us what color of flooring would look good, I’d be appreciative.

And to conclude…

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (that’s me screaming because I’m clueless)!!!!!



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4 responses to “Time to Fix This Here Kitchen Up

  1. I have a hard time visualizing stuff like that, too. I would suggest getting one of the ‘squares’ of the tiles, taping it to the wall one at a time, and leave it there for a few days to see how you like it. And the counter tops? I’d say take the tile samples over and start holding them up and taking pictures of the two together to see what works best. Once you find the tile/countertops that work, it’s easier to repaint the room then worry that it will match your white walls. Just a thought!

  2. With gray countertops, I’d go with option 3 backsplash because it ties with the gray without being too much gray. It’s hard for me to differentiate the countertop choices. The awesome thing about white cabinets is that just about anything matches!

  3. Dave Carter

    Hi Al…..wow good research and attention to detail. Looks like your time with WFI paid off after all! I JUST returned from three days in Dallas with my designer wife, she is picking the guts for three new model homes they are building, SO I am armed and dangerous.

    The site: Nice bones, looks like the cabinets are solid and they even have good hardware. Get a saw and knock off that frilly trim thing over the sink.

    If you like Silestone, go for it, the last option looked interesting but hard to tell from the picture. For backsplash (in all areas) I strongly suggest Option Three with a reasonably dark groout to pick up on the overall color of the counter top. But it is for sure, every time you go shop you will find something nicer than what you saw before. I suggest you try the Tile Shop in Minneapolis for loads of confusing options.

    The wood floor looks good in the photo…..how about keeping it, buying a cool area rug and spend the money you saved on flooring to by a swishy new sink! (Valentine’s Day is cpoming, you know).

    Anyway, good luck and your faves want to see the finished result!

    Your Ops buddy Dave, ADMWW36

  4. Aunt Sally

    I’m no pro but I’ve watched enought “flip this house” to know that you want to stay neutral with color if you plan to sell. You want to appeal to the most people possible. I think with the gray countertop you could use any of the back splashes. I esp like the one with the hint of green. I love the “tin” looking one and I think I would like it in my house but I think it kind of gives a “country” vibe. Maybe not everyones taste. The glass tiles are very popular. Cool and contemporary. I like it and still neutral but with different shades. Your floor looks great. Wood flooring is in.

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