Winter Mystery

We survived our first winter in Minnesota last year, which we were told was a completely out of the norm winter. Eighty-plus inches of snow was apparently a little out of their typical snowfall amount.


So I figured that this winter we might experience a normal Minnesota winter. Or at least a more typical version of what diehard Minnesotans would call ‘normal’.

Diehards would be my friends – all three of them (:)) who have lived here their entire lives. These diehards would call me a diehard southern… because they think anything south of the Minnesota border is a southern state. You can imagine the look on my face when they say these things to me!


According to my diehards, this winter is not a normal Minnesota winter.

And why is that?

Well, to date, we have had less than ten inches of snow actually fall (according to my guesstimation) since November and for the month are probably down four inches from the average. We got an inch-plus from Friday-Sunday of this past weekend, which brings me to the temperature part of weather.

We are suppose to be in the upper 30’s-40’s all week!

Which means the snow will be gone probably by tomorrow afternoon.

And the poor ice skating rink down at the park will be a puddle by Friday.

My question is… where the heck do I live?

This is totally normal weather for Kansas! Snow one day, 80 degrees the next… but Minnesota? I wasn’t expecting this. And I believe it to almost be a tease! When you get 40-degree weather, your mind is saying, “Well… why not we just move on to spring? Let’s get to 60!”

BUT … I have a Minnesota will say, “NOT SO FAST, Allyson Clark!”

“Here’s 40 inches of snow for you. OVERNIGHT.”

So… we’ll enjoy the nice weather while it’s hear and dream of our green grass days. Which are probably still four months away.



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2 responses to “Winter Mystery

  1. Jenna

    I’m convinced as of today that we will get our snow in March. Just so I don’t get my hopes up of having a “normal” (less than ten snow days!) winter here!

  2. I love all this blog activity you’ve got going on lately! 🙂 While you’re having a Kansas winter, we’re having a Texas winter. Weird! After last year, I’ll take it!

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