Nap Whisperer

Since returning back from our long Christmas break in Kansas, Sloane was having major nap issues. And by issues, I mean she wasn’t taking naps.

Which is a major issue for a few simple reasons.

She needs to rest.

And mom needs a break.

And that’s about it!

I could get the girl to fall asleep in my arms but getting her to her crib and laying her down was not working. She has a sixth sense about her bed. As soon as she gets horizontal, she immediately starts crying. Could be out cold… but would still wake up!

Mix this in with the temper tantrums that she was throwing and I was pretty sure that I was going to lose my mind. My poor mom got an earful of sobs from me one evening when Sloane hadn’t napped and cried basically all day because of not getting her way.

And after that, I knew we had to get this nap situation figured out.

The first step in solving nap problems is to first lay blame on why the child isn’t properly napping, in which I blamed myself and my husband. We had rocked Sloane to sleep for naps… since she started taking them way back when (I don’t even know when this really started which frightens me now that I have another one on the way  and I remember NOTHING!). That was the easiest thing for us to do because just going and laying her down in hopes that she would just calmly lie there and fall asleep wasn’t working. It never worked. But something had to give!

The second step is deciding if the child is ready to go from two naps to one. This is a hard thing to admit because though Sloane might have been ready for only one nap a day, I wasn’t ready! Two naps a day meant I got to take a shower in the mid-morning. Two naps a day meant I didn’t have to wake up earlier to jump in the shower before my husband who leaves for work before 7 am. One nap a day meant I was going to have to completely fix our schedule and routine.

Which is exactly what I had to do. Oh, how change and I clash!!!

But we did it. Because it had to be done. For the sanity of all parties!

So last Thursday, Operation: Sloane’s Nap kicked in to full gear.

I had noticed by 12:30, the girl was really in need of rest. So we had our normal lunch at noon, we went into her room, we read a book and rocked for a few minutes until she was sleepy but not asleep. I layed her down in her crib only for her to immediately roll over and start crying. I told her it would be OK, closed her door and waited.

Luckily, she was tired enough that after two minutes of crying, it got quiet.

And two and a half hours later, she was up and ready for the rest of the afternoon.

The next day, it was one minute of crying and three hours of sleep.

The last three days have been zero crying and two-three hours of quiet.

I don’t know if I should be really angry with myself for not trying this approach earlier or just be very thankful that we finally figured it out and she’s taking naps again!

Either way, I’ve only cried once since my tearful phone call to my mom … and it was over nothing. I’m allowed to cry over nothing. I’m pregnant!

So hooray for naps and routine and sound machines that play all day and all night long…

Oh, I forgot to mention the sound machine? OK, OK… so maybe I’m not entirely responsible for the wonderful naps she has been taking. But I am not ashamed to admit that I would have bought ANYTHING to get that girl to rest. 😉



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2 responses to “Nap Whisperer

  1. Aunt Sally

    I am so proud of you! It is TOUGH to listen to them cry as you stand at the door
    But it pays off! They must learn to calm themselves and go to sleep. You did it! What a smart mom Slone has!!!!

  2. Erin

    Ugh, I’m only an aunt and I seriously struggle when I have to put Olivia down and she cries. I have a friend who had to go to a sleep specialist–sounds like you did so good!

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