It’s sad.

You know you haven’t posted a new blog in awhile when you login to write a new blog and EVERYTHING has changed! The way I even login has changed!

I’d apologize, but after awhile, people get tired of hearing apologies … and excuses … and numerous reasons as to why I haven’t done what I promised I’d do.

Which is blog more frequently.

And as always… I will blame one person and one person only.

My daughter.

Partially because it’s true and partially because the kid can’t stick up for herself just yet. So I’ll use this one for awhile!

But in all seriousness, I am sorry – to my aunt and best friend who are probably the ONLY ones who still check this thing! And for that, I must say…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (yesterday) AUNT SALLY! You’re the best! 

Gosh… there has been alot that has gone on since my last post. I guess I should start with the most important, most shocking, and most exciting slash terrifying.

We might finally get our house sold!

OK, OK… that’s not really (at all) the most important, but it is happening (with fingers crossed and prayers said daily). If you’d like to join in on the prayers, we’d appreciate it!

What IS most important is that we are expecting baby Clark no. 2 in July!

Are we insane you ask? Ofcourse!

Are we ready? Never!

Do we know what prevents babies? Bloody hell, yes!

But what I have realized in my 29 years of living is that God works in very funny and very mysterious ways. And though this baby was as much of a surprise as my surprise birthday party in seventh grade with my favorite Madonna song blaring in the background as I walked in, it is an extreme blessing and one that we are thankful for!

If only I had blogged post telling Matt the news. Really, only pictures would have been able to describe that moment.

A photo of me with my hands on my face, tears flowing like a faucet. And Matt, grinning from ear to ear, with his hands on my shoulders, telling me everything will be just fine!

Anyway, baby two will be arriving around July 10, which means I only have six more months to try and figure out how to raise two children under the age of two (Sloane will be 21 months old when the baby is born). I know it can be done, as my cousin Megan’s first two babies are less than a year apart. God bless her. 🙂

What else has been going on … I mentioned the house being sold, but the correct term would be ‘under contract’. You’ll know it’s finally sold and out of our possession because you will be able to hear me screaming for joy (literally – all the way from Minnesota!) the day of closing – which is approximately March 15 … but we’re hoping sooner! We’ve had more than enough drama to last us a lifetime with this house… and the house is only five years old! It is now time for another family to take control of it!

Sloane is 15 months old and as busy as ever! She is crawling (quickly) all over the place and wants us to hold her hands so she can walk everywhere. I truly wish that she’d wake up tomorrow and just start walking on her own! I know most parents probably don’t wish for that, but obviously from my news above, I’m insane! 🙂

In my world, she is still a baby, but in the real world, she is a toddler (also in my husband’s world – who thinks we baby her too much… now who’s the insane one?). So she is doing toddler things. Such as throwing temper tantrums, our latest toddler thing to cross off our list! And it’s amazing timing too because I can’t get enough emails from every baby website I’ve ever signed up for telling me how to deal with temper tantrums. It’s even being discussed at our toddler/parent class we attend weekly. Our doctor said she is going through this stage a little earlier than others, but the good news is that she will probably grow out of it sooner. I hope so! Preferably before baby two arrives!

She really is a good baby (toddler) though! She loves people and kids and is very social, which is completely entertaining to watch! She makes Matt and I laugh daily and I can only hope that baby no. 2 will be as easy (KNOCK ON WOOD) as Sloane has been (for the most part)! We find out if baby is boy or girl (though we already have an idea from a previous ultrasound… but will hold off telling until …) on February 22.

Though we have lots of things going on in our lives, I find it important to note that 2012 is PACKED FULL of new babies! Five of the seven of us who lived together my senior year of college are pregnant – one was due yesterday (so baby will be here any day!), one is due in April , one in May, one in June, me in July, and one in August. Plus I have found out of atleast three other girls from my sorority – in the pledge class below mine – are also pregnant. My recommendation is for anyone and everyone who does not want to get pregnant any time soon to stay away from anyone involved with Kappa Kappa Gamma. We are a fertile bunch right now … it’s almost scary! 🙂

Lastly, one of my favorite people in the entire world, Trey Doty, got engaged over Christmas break. My brother, sister, Matt, Sloane and I had just been out to see the Doty clan one day over break and after we left, we got a text about two hours later, saying Trey was engaged! We were quite sad we weren’t there to witness it in person – staring out the window with the rest of the Doty clan! It only would have made it that more special!

We are SO excited for Trey and his fiance Ashley. I know she already knows this but she has landed herself a VERY good one! I just love him to death – he basically is my other brother! And speaking of that, my real brother is his best man … this best man speech will be a classic. And if I get it videotaped in October, I’ll be sure to post it!

And with that, I feel as though I should leave you to digest all of this information. My goal is to try and get back to my blog writing atleast once a week. But, as always, it is so much easier to say than do! But… one should always have some goals!

Everyone have a great week!



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5 responses to “Yikes.

  1. Brooke

    I read your blog!! 🙂

  2. Aunt Sally

    So glad you are back blogging! I’ve missed you! Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was a good one!

  3. Jenna

    IF you videotape it? That should be WHEN, right? 🙂 Yay for such a happy blog entry!

  4. Melissa

    Yeah! Glad you’re back! We are also scheduled to close our house on March 15…we can have a virtual, cross-country toast that night (you with sparkling grape juice of course) assuming everything goes according to plan for both of us!

  5. Allyson


    I’m so happy you guys are under contract as well!!! Selling and buying houses are some of the most frustrating processes ever!!! I’ll keep fingers crossed for you guys as well!!

    How is CA?! When do you start your new job? So glad you guys are getting to experience another part of the country. As much as I miss being close to family, I’m so happy we lived somewhere other than Kansas for a few years! Though now I’m dying to get back… I’m going to need help when this second kid gets here! 😉

    Enjoy the nice weather!!!!


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