Sloane’s Birthday: Part One

When you find out you are expecting your first child, time seems to march on at a perfect pace. Not too fast yet not too slow.

Juuuust right.

For myself, I felt like I had been able to accomplish everything I needed to do to prepare for the arrival of the baby and was as ready as I could be.

October 13 at 11 p.m. rolls around, contractions start, an hour before my actual due date.

And then fast forward 29 hours to 4 a.m. on October 15, which is where I left my former life and became a mom.

Those days following the arrival of Sloane seem like a blur but a blur that I can remember quite well. I remember sitting in the rocking chair in her room, feeding her for what seemed like the zillionth time that day, and wondering if there would come a time that I would enjoy feeding her… and if I could just fast forward to a month from that exact time so we could be in a routine.

I think back to that time and can’t believe that almost a year has passed since then.

My baby is no longer a baby.

She is a toddler.

Who does not want me to feed her… because she wants to do it herself.

Who does not want me to hold her… because she wants to crawl around on the floor and try and pull every AirWick air freshener that I have plugged in out.

Where the heck did the last year go? I’d give almost anything to go back, for even five minutes, to our first day at home when it just me and her trying to figure out our next steps.

And now, our next steps involve her TAKING steps. Literally.


Well, the only way to commemorate this momentous occasion of Sloane turning a year old and Matt and I completing a year of parenthood was to celebrate in Manhattan… with my winning football team (BOOM!).

So we loaded up Thursday evening after Matt got off work and drove to Topeka to stay with his mom for the night. We were up bright and early – that is the only time Sloane knows – to head to Manhattan because I had scheduled her one year and family photos with a photographer.

We wrapped those up by lunch time and then met my family for lunch. It was my mom’s birthday and I’m pretty sure if the only thing she got that day was seeing Sloane, she would have been perfectly happy!

Our afternoon consisted of naps, trips to the grocery store, and dinner at The Little Apple Brewery. Bed seemed like the greatest thing ever when my head hit the pillow at 10 p.m. that night.

After a morning nap for Sloane on Saturday, we headed to the football field for Sloane’s first tailgate birthday party! We had a great crowd and luckily, the rain stayed away right up to the conclusion of the party.

Sloane got lots of great gifts from everyone including numerous stuffed Elmo’s, books, pajamas (which seem to be what we are most excited for as of recently… one can never have enough pairs of pajamas!), puzzles, a baby doll and cradle, clothes and a fantastic K-State jacket! She also got her own personal cake that she enjoyed… I’m not sure if she actually got any cake in her mouth because she was too busy stuffing in the icing and squeezing it between her fingers.

Though she was getting sleepy, we decided to let her come in for some of the football game. It took her awhile to soak it in, but once she was there for a bit, she started clapping which is always a good sign!

She fell asleep at half time and grandma Patty took her back to the hotel so Matt and I could stay and enjoy the game… which we did!

I’d say the party was a success, thanks in large part to our families, who really helped put it all together!

This weekend we will have a smaller party with some of Sloane’s friends from play group. It will be Elmo themed since Elmo is where Sloane’s happiness lies at the moment.

To be continued…

Pictures from the Weekend

Sloane and Grandpa enjoying time together at Mr. Goodcents

Getting a nap in before the party!

Sloane loving on her first stuffed Elmo!

Elmo enjoying the party

I LOVE this place...


Sloane's first K-State football game


Out in Aggieville after the game with Jordan and Lauren... Another one of their fake fights...


Just want a picture together, people...


I find that if I just keep smiling, eventually we will get a good picture!


On the road again... with the greatest traveler!



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2 responses to “Sloane’s Birthday: Part One

  1. Jenna

    I know this gets redundant, but I cannot believe how much she is changing. I love her so much!

  2. How fun! Are the little polka dot bottoms she wore to the game leggings or are they tights? There are too cute!

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