Really? It’s been a month and a half since I posted last?



Those are my screams – screams of self-pity that it has been almost a month and a half since my last post.

I should be kicked out of the blogging world for this. It’s sad that when you log in to write a new blog post, the template has changed on you and you can’t figure out how to even START a new post.

In the words of Bill Engvall… “There’s your sign.”

Well… better now than never.


Today let’s play catch-up. The “what has been going on in Allyson’s life that has kept her so busy she doesn’t even have to write on her blog” game.

Let’s see here…
Matt turned 30, which should probably be a post in itself. Thirty is quite the milestone in one’s life. It seems to be the birthday that you want the ‘pass’ card for and want no one to remember it. I don’t know if it’s because saying you’re 30 means that you have to grow up because you’re not in your twenties anymore. Or if saying you’re 30 means you’re that much closer to 50.

Not that 50 is bad. I know plenty of 50 year olds that are beyond fabulous.

But 50 is one of those scary numbers.

Anyway… he survived. He still has his looks, his hair (most of it) and his health. And a rockin’ kid. And a smokin’ wife.

Or just a rockin’ kid.
In other news, I have taken up running.

Yes, running.

The art of moving your feet quickly, while breathing heavily and forcing yourself to make it one more block so you can say you ran two blocks.

I loathe running. Running and I have never been friends, except when I was in seventh grade and had no chest.

More than 15 years, three sports bras and a baby later, I realized that walking wasn’t doing much for me. Though I love it a whole heck of alot more than running, the walking wasn’t taking my weight anywhere.

So, I decided to give in and run. And though I still detest it and the thought of it, I have to admit that it’s doing my body good. I don’t think I’ve lost much weight, but after I’m finished and I’ve done my ‘Rocky’ impression , I feel good.

Three times a week in the wee hours of the morning, I peel myself out of bed to the worst alarm sound ever, find my clothes and shoes, grab my phone and headphones and quietly sneak out the door, turn on my iPod and crank up Charlie Brown’s Holiday Hits (maybe that’s the secret to running – a little quiet jazz rather than Lady Gaga) and run… a mile.

Or almost a mile. Who cares. I’m running! That’s the main point of this story.

We’ve had LOTS of visitors through the month of September. Matt’s parents visited over Labor Day weekend.  My sister came up for a few days. Matt’s aunt and uncle drove up from Illinois to stay the weekend. And this weekend, Matt’s grandparents are coming up from Sedan.

I love visitors so I welcome everyone with open arms! To me, visitors mean extra help with Sloane so I will never turn anyone away.

Do you hear me? I NEVER turn anyone away!

Though now that I gave away my secret as to why I love visitors, you all probably won’t be beating down my door… because beautiful Sloane does not just sit and stare at you with a smile on her face anymore. Nope… that’s because …

Sloane is crawling!

She is a crawling fool! She is a quick one and all over the place… and into anything that she can get to! She pulls herself up to her knees to get a little height for those hard-to-reach items that mom has pushed to the back of the TV stand so she won’t get her hands on them… but when there’s a will, there’s a way. Sloane’s new motto.

She turns one on Oct. 15 and to say that this year has flown by is an understatement. Yesterday, I took Sloane to a story time at a local library. A group of mom’s with their babies, ages ranging from 3-6 weeks, decided to check out story time. I think it was just an excuse for them to get out of the house – understandably so! But as I was eavesdropping on their conversations (yes, I eavesdrop – don’t tell me you don’t do it!), I almost laughed out loud thinking, “MAN! I swear I was just asking my friends the same questions!” Even though in reality, it was 11 months ago.

We are definitely not ready for another baby, but seeing those teeny ones just made me realize the passing of time. And as I was staring at their babies, my baby was sitting in the middle of the floor, stealing toys from another kid.

Lastly, we took a Clark family to the great state of New York. On my father in law’s bucket list, he wanted to go to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. So Matt planned a trip to NYC and Cooperstown for all six of us.

Matt, Sloane and I went out a day before everyone else and stayed in the Tribeca area. We met up with everyone else the next day and drove to Cooperstown, spent two days there and then drove back to the city and flew back Sunday. While we were in the city the second-time around, we stayed in Times Square.

If you’ve been to Vegas, you’ve been to Times Square. I never feel the need to go back there. Ever again. At one point, we walked out of our hotel around 9 pm and it looked like morning. That’s how bright it was.

Anyway… we saw alot, including at K-State win over Miami, and exposed Sloane to yet another part of the country before her first birthday.

I plan on taking a girls trip with my mom and sister so we can take the Sex and the City bus tour and REALLY see the city the way the city ought to be seen!
The only part left in the month of September and is the greatest holiday of the year… my birthday!

I’m sure you all have been thinking about it and I hope that you’ll all be able to take off work and celebrate the day in Allyson fashion.

With a coke in hand and Sex and the City on the tube.

Welcome, Allyson, back to the world of blogging!



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2 responses to “AHHHHHHHH!

  1. Theresa

    Missed you! Glad you’re back in great form (writing & physical)!!

  2. Jenna

    Yay blog … you run?! I’m impressed! Again I wish we lived near each other: we could be running buddies since I, too, can almost run a mile on a good day.

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