Big Hair

So… I have thick hair.

It feels big… and heavy… and big during the summer months.

I had really hoped that my daughter would have the type of hair that you could do anything to – not too thick, not too thin, but juuuust right. But what I have realized in the short 10 months that she has been on this earth and the four months that her hair has really started to come in… is that my hope of not too think and not too thin is not going to happen for her.

A great example is this:

Matt got her up this morning and brought her into the kitchen and I thought to myself, “Hmmm… Sloane’s hair is sticking up. Let’s just pat that down.”

Nope. There will be no lying down for this hair today. It’s sticking STRAIGHT up!

How will mom solve this problem? I will put a hat on her, take her to the pool, give us an excuse for another bath and hair wash which will, in turn, make her hair lie flat.

Though I feel that if I took her out in public with her hair sticking straight up, people would still stop , smile, tell me how adorable a baby I have and say, “Oh, your little boy is so cute!”



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