Etsy Finds of the Week

I must preface this post by saying PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not get your hopes up! It is definitely way past time for me to post one of these again, but I get very nervous about making a weekly commitment because… you just never know! Next Wednesday could roll around and Sloane could have taken zero naps and I could literally be sitting in a corner pulling my hair out.

An Etsy post might not be in thecards that day!

Anywho… what you all have been sitting on pins and needles for eight months for (right?!)…

1) Large Handmade Leather Case – Seller: Iyami Handbag

  • I’m a big fan of stuffing as many little bags into my purse as possible. This might be the reason I always carry such large purses… to hold all of the tiny bags.
  • But I couldn’t pass this one up! It’s so cute – and definitely useful. I could definitely find some things to stuff in this. Pacifiers, toy leashes (see next Find), pens (I always lose my pens!). The list goes on…
  • Also a good gift purchase… Whose birthday is coming up?
  • So… why would someone need a leash for a toy giraffe? Let me tell you why. This toy giraffe is not just ANY toy giraffe. It’s Sophie the Giraffe. That costs $23. Outrageous and highway robbery? Yes. Loved by all babies? Yes. Who gets screwed here? Mom? Yes.
  • Hence the importance of the giraffe leash (also can be used on other important toys that you don’t to wander off). We had this beautiful giraffe and it was loved by Sloane. Until one day, she had it with her in the stroller… and decided to toss it out while the pusher of the stroller did not notice (I will not name names, dad!). Twenty three dollars… out the window!
  • Now you understand the importance of this leash and how everyone should have three of them!
  • If a pregnant mom-to-be asked me for the best advice that I could give her, I would say get the drugs.
  • If I was allowed a few more pieces of advice, I’d say keep your eyes closed while giving birth, Medela steams bags are wonderful (I thank my cousin Megan daily for this info), and do a hard search for the perfect diaper bag.
  • Now… most people aren’t like me. They don’t care what they’re carrying as long as it has everything they need to please a child. And I’m all for that! But I also like to have a little style to my bag… since it’s the only cool accessory I carry (I wear the same earrings every day, I wear flip flops and if I could wear maternity shorts every day of my life with a cotton t-shirt, I’d be in Heaven).
  • I own two diaper bags, one that I carry every day and one I take on big trips. Both great bags, but what I learned is that they also become your purse. So there is no point in carrying a cute purse… unless it can double as a diaper bag!
  • So I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect big bag that can serve as my cute accessory as well as my diaper bag.
  • This bag I have chosen still isn’t the greatest of the great when it comes to doing double-duty… but it was listed in the diaper bag category and it’s adorable. So here you are….
And that’s all for this week’s Etsy Finds. I hope it has lifted your day (ha)! I already have some things picked out for next week… but please refer to the first sentence of this post.
Let’s not hold our breathe for next week’s post just yet…

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  1. Jenna

    This makes me so happy!

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