Let the Voting Begin!

Part of a stay-at-home mom’s job is to enter her child(ren) into numerous photo contests in hopes of winning something: cash, a trip, a new car…

Right? This is something I’m suppose to be doing?

If you are shaking your head no, please don’t tell me.

Because I entered my daughter in a contest!

Parents.com is hosting a ‘Your Kid on our Cover’ contest. For a certain number of weeks (they are currently on week 12), they will host a weekly photo contest. The winner of that week’s contest wins some things, but moves on to another contest where they hope to make it to the top 10 photos, and from there, other things happen.

Listen, I’m not thinking we’ll make it that far. In fact, I honestly don’t think are chances are high with making it past this week… BUT this will not stop me from trying!

How do you not vote for this face?

You can vote once a day … so vote away by clicking here! Voting ends on July 3. Thanks in advance for your gracious support…


I will not be a stage mom. I will not be a stage mom.


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One response to “Let the Voting Begin!

  1. Melissa

    Hey! I tried to vote today but the link takes me to a child who may be cute, but is not nearly as cute as Sloane (aka, not worth of my vote). How do I find your child?

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