One Year and Counting…

It is inevitable that in every Christmas letter I write, the words ‘we are moving’ somehow sneak there way in.

Because it is true! We slash I move frequently.


Once a year.

I’ve never been in the same place for more than a year since my freshman year in college. And since I just had my 10-year high school reunion a month ago, you know that my freshman year in college was quite awhile back.

This is a long time to go to not know if you will be in the same place the next year.

Until this year came along.

This year, for the first time in a looong time, I will be living in the same place PAST the moving in one year anniversary mark.

For once, I feel settled. My decorations are up, boxes filled with my ‘stuff’ are not in a holding pattern, waiting to see if they really need to be unpacked or not and I’m not switching my electric, internet and cable companies.

Though Matt and I can’t just enjoy the fact that we have settled in for a ‘more than one year stay’. We are always thinking ahead, which ofcourse means thinking about our next move.

Though we love Minnesota (in the summer and fall), we soon realized once Sloane was born that it way too far away from our families! We have lots of ideas as to where our next move will be, but for now…

We will enjoy this lovely, cold (63 tomorrow) state that we call home… our first that has lated more than a year. 🙂



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2 responses to “One Year and Counting…

  1. Aunt Sally

    Well, I for one hope you move again soon, my direction!!!

  2. Lori Barnes

    Enjoy the weather! We are in day 2 of 105 degree baseball tourney~ Love you. Auntie Lori.

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