A Must-Have

Since my husband is away in hot, sunny Arizona for five days for work (so he says), once Sloane has went to bed, I have been browsing the Internet for hours, like I used to in my LBB – Life Before Baby.

I used to frequent The Pioneer Woman’s website, but today was the first time I have had time to actually sit down and enjoy some of her stories.

And my favorite post of the day was about this.

Her newest book and first children’s book.

About her basset hound, Charlie!

And after reading numerous stories about Charlie and realizing how much he reminds me of my nephew basset hound Bob (though I hate to say that Bob might be more lazy that Charlie – I’m sure it’s just because Charlie lives on a ranch and Bob lives in my brother’s bedroom), I knew that Sloane must have this book.

She can barely sit through a 10-page picture book. But surely she can sit through a 30-page book on a basset hound!


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One response to “A Must-Have

  1. Teresa

    I just got mine and it is beautiful! It’s a lot bigger than I was thinking it would be too….

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