Happy Royal Wedding Watching Day!

Since I wasn’t alive for the Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s grandeoso wedding in 1981, I was NOT going to miss the next big Royal Wedding.

Especially Prince William’s.

What little girl doesn’t dream of marrying a prince?

I, ofcourse, was lucky enough to marry a prince… unfortunately, he is only a prince in my mind, not in any Royal way.

Slight downer.

Anyway, I decided once they announced the time of the wedding, that I would get up to watch. Ofcourse, living seven hours away from Foggy London Town, I was hoping they were getting married in the later afternoon on a Saturday, so I could sleep in and have Matt take care of Sloane while I zoned in.

Intead, they chose 11:00 am, which meant coverage would start at 9 am… LONDON time.

Meaning I was up at 3:00 am this morning.

Yes, there might be a slight bit of insanity in waking up that early to watch a wedding of a couple from another country. And I believed that thought when I was crawling out of bed this morning.

But I did it! I got out of bed, I walked to the kitchen where I grabbed orange juice, water, a granola bar, a pop and started some toast. I knew I needed to be prepared with extra food and drink because I didn’t plan on getting up because I didn’t want to miss anything!

But with all of those beverages, I had to venture to the bathroom quite a few times. Fail on my part!

Anyway, it was very exciting to be watching this wedding unfold, watch Princes William and Harry drive to the Abbey, watch Kate Middleton crawl into the car that would drive her to the wedding and getting a glimpse of the dress, check out some of the cool and ridiculous hats that people were wearing, watch Kate get out of the car in the dress that everyone was dying to see, watch her walk down the aisle and see Prince William with his back to her but Prince Harry smiling at her and then William telling her she looked beautiful.

AHHH! Seriously, precious.

It’s quite the ‘to do’, a Royal Wedding. It’s not like any other wedding, but it was absolutely beautiful and elegant.

After waiting until Wililam and Kate got in their kisses on the balcony at Buckingham Palace, I got Sloane up, fed, changed and back down for a nap (not a forced one!) and I did the same.

She is still sleeping, which is what I should be doing… But instead, I’m back to staring at the tube, waiting to catch another glance at the happy couple.

I need a life, this I know!

Sidenote: Kate Middleton had her hair fixed by the same stylist who always cuts her hair. This stylist is located in Sloane Square in London.

And with that, my day has been made!


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