Single Talent

After spending the weekend with my cousins in Houston, I have come to realize that the women in my family hold amazing talents.

My cousin Michelle is a stay-at-home to three kids and handles all of this sanely. She is the voice of reason for me in this new adventure of mommyhood and these are talents that are HARD to come by!

My cousin Megan has two little ones and about to have her third… this means she will have a 3 year old, a 2 year old and a newborn when baby no. 3 arrives. She also manages to get up every day, get clothes on and do her other many talents, which include photography and cutting hair.

As I was around these ladies, I had to think to myself… what kind of talents do I have?

My husband would say that my talent is picking up things with my toes… but I’m sure lots of people can do that.

Maybe it’s a talent that I can keep my house somewhat clean on a regular basis?

Nah… if that’s a talent, I really am a bore.

The only thing I can come up with is my ability to read at a lightning pace. For example…

I haven’t read a single book since Sloane was born until recently. Matt’s aunt Sharon works at a bookstore and knows my love for the ‘Twilight’ book series (beautiful vampire, defying death, would die for love… who wouldn’t love that?). So she passed on the first book in a four-part series called ‘hush, hush’. This particular book is about a girl who falls for a fallen angel.

A HOT fallen angel.

Hot fallen angels? Yes, please!

You’d think I’d be into smutty romance novels as well. I can assure you, I never picked those up from Floyd’s Super Market. Never.

Anyway, I read through that book in no time. While Sloane was napping, while Sloane was in bed for the night… heck, I probably even let her cry it out a little longer than I normally would just so I could keep reading. It took me probably a total of six hours to get through the book.

I immediately jumped into the next one and again… my lightning fast reading talent was put to good use.

The only problem after finishing that book was that the third book in the series isn’t to come out until this Fall. Great. Now what?

Well… I had only been told to read ‘The Hunger Games’ book series for MONTHS now. I finally gave in and bought the first book.

And read it probably, in total, in a day. So naturally, I ran to the nearest Target and picked up the second book last week.

I’m two chapters away from being finished.

Luckily, there is a third book in the series.

Luckily for my child, once I finish that third book, I might stop reading for awhile and go pick her up when she’s staring into the video monitor, begging me to come and pick her up!

Babies… so demanding! 🙂

Sidenote: Matt couldn’t believe I was reading a book like ‘The Hunger Games’ because it had more to do with death than love and vampires… so he will be reading it.


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  1. Speed reading is definitely NOT my talent. I spent ages 8 through 14 reading non-stop, so you’d think I’d be fast, but no. The only thing I have to show for my 7 years of nerdiness is that I’m legally blind!

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