I Got my Master’s… For This?

Today was just one of those days.

My sister Lauren is here visiting for Spring Break. Yes, she chose us over the Bahamas. I feel loved… I also know that we were the much cheaper option! I take no offense to this.

Today was our first day without my parents here, who also spent their Spring Break with us. We went an entire week without needing expert parental knowledge… until the day they left.

The day started like any other. I got up, while Sloane was still kicking/laughing/talking to herself in her crib. I got her bottle and cereal ready, highchair out, realized she was still just ‘hanging out’, so I stripped the beds to wash sheets and cleaned a bathroom. I got Sloane fed and changed (all of this was done with Lauren sleeping on the couch in the basement… she never moved an inch!). Eventually… she rolled over and agreed to go to our Friday play group with us.

I had a list of things I needed to accomplish today which I wrote down on a list:

  • Get to play group.
  • Stop at Target.
  • Gas up the car.
  • Eat lunch (yep, this was really on the list!).
  • Get car washed.
  • Trash bags at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

And after that, the day was ours!

We accomplished everything on my task list, made a visit to a cute store and then had to high-tail it back to the house to get Sloane fed.

And it was once we arrived at the house that we noticed something was not right.

That ‘something’ was the smell.

It smelled awful.

No… wait. It smelled WORSE than awful. Please imagine the worst thing you have ever smelled and take that times 10.

Lauren set Sloane down in her room, and started sniffing things out to see where it was coming from, while I started to put groceries away.

That was halted immediately when Lauren ran up the stairs, screaming she would have to wash all of her clothes.

She wouldn’t tell me what she had found, so I had to go and take a peak/sniff for myself.

What I found was absolutely disturbing. All I can tell you is that I would rather change my daughter’s dirty diapers for the rest of my life than deal with what I had to deal with what was waiting for me in the basement.

I’d like to thank my dog for the lovely treat(s) he left squished into my carpet in the basement.

I immediately turned my scarf into a gas mask and made an attempt to start cleaning up. I forced Lauren to call my parents and ask them what the heck we were suppose to do! I was told to go purchase a scrub brush and scrub because ‘you don’t want it soaking underneath the carpet’.


So I went and bought a brush, a bucket and some air freshener and came back to tackle this task.

I went through an entire roll of paper towels before scrubbing with my newly purchased brush.

As I was scrubbing, I kept thinking to myself, “I graduated with a high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree… and THIS is what I’m doing? Cleaning dog doodoo?”

We were suppose to go to church at 5:15 pm but after how my afternoon ended, I could not attend church until I had a beer. And after my beer(s), it seemed wrong to attend church!

So… I had a lot to accomplish on my list today and checked everything off that list.

Just wish that the final task that I completed would have been on that list so atleast I could have prepared myself!




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4 responses to “I Got my Master’s… For This?

  1. Jenna

    It’s official: I’m never getting a dog. I’m sorry, friend!

  2. Brooke

    I agree Jenna!

  3. Michelle B

    There are many days I think the same thing….

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