Songs of my Past

Sloane and I have developed a bedtime routine over the past few weeks in hopes that she starts to realize that it’s bed time.

I’m not sure if she’s quite figured that out yet, but I sure as heck know when it’s time!

Our routine consists of getting PJ’s on, sometimes a book if she’s not angry, turning off the lights, making a few laps around the room or rock in the chair while humming a few Christmas songs.

Why Christmas songs? Well… it seems that when I need to hum something, I cannot think of ANY other songs… except Christmas songs!

Silent Night. The First Noel. Away in a Manger. And a recent addition, White Christmas.

I hum these on repeat until she has drifted off.

But the one song I always start off with is ‘You are my Sunshine’. This one, I actually sing. The others, humming is better! I feel like I have forgotten some of the words to the Christmas songs and it’s hard to insert new words into classic songs such as those.

But somehow, I have been able to remember the words to ‘You are my Sunshine’. This song has sentimental value to me and my family because my Grams used to sing it to us ALL the time when we were babies. And when we were older, and there were new babies, we heard it sang ALL the time.

She would sit us on her lap, grab our hands, and play the fake piano on the edge of the pullout cutting board in the kitchen, while singing this song.

I have started singing this song to Sloane and we’ve dabbled at the fake piano. I’m not sure if I have the touch like my Grams, but we have fun anyway!

Last night as I was putting Sloane to bed, I started off with ‘Sunshine’ and as I was singing the second verse, I got a few tears in my eyes…

How many people actually know the second verse to this song? And how can I forget the second line of ‘Away in a Manger’ but can remember the entire second verse to ‘You are my Sunshine’?

I owe it all to my Grams. Though she currently might not remember that she ever used to do this with us, the tradition of this wonderful song has continued into the next generation.

I hope I do her proud!



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4 responses to “Songs of my Past

  1. Aunt Sally

    Thanks for the good cry!!! You make Grams proud and you make me proud! Thanks for passing the tradition on to Sloane and remembering Grams. xoxoo

  2. Jenna

    Aw, I love it. How did I know this was a special song in your family? … It was my Grandma & Grandad’s song: Grandma used to sing it to Grandad when they lived in the nursing home. There is lots of love in that song 🙂

  3. Teresa

    My grandma used to sing that to all of us too! It’s the only song I can think of to sing to my niece now and it still makes me tear up everytime.

  4. Amanda

    Oh, Allyson – isn’t it funny how the Christmas season sticks with us?! Isabelle was a November baby and I made up a “Who Loves Isabelle” song to the tune of “Here Comes Santa Claus” that I sang to her for FOREVER!

    The song I sing to Gianna has always been You are my Sunshine as well! And you’re so right – the 2nd verse is a tear-jerker! Thanks for your story – I love being reminded of those early baby days =) So sweet!

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