The Snow… It’sa meltin’!

You might rememher how much I have dogged this snow that we have received this winter.

“This has been a crazy winter,” says one Minnesotan.

“This is not normal for us,” says another native.

Well… at this point, I don’t care anymore about how odd of a season this has been. So happy that we were here to witness 60+ inches of snow in our first winter here, but I have decided to move past the snow.

Because we have had above-freezing temperatures since Sunday. And anything above 32 degrees here is SPRING!

People are driving with their windows down, t-shirts on (shorts if you are my husband), and dreaming of the day when this snow is a distant memory.

Yes, I know … 30-degree temperatures, to the rest of America, would seem pretty chilly. But even I can vouch that anything over 32 degrees is basically equal to 60-plus degrees.

Remember these photos I posted a few weeks ago:

Front sidewalk after yet another lovely snowfall!

Side porch

I will now show you what those same spots look like after only a few days of nice weather:

Front sidewalk... I could see GRASS!

Side porch - what a sight to see!

So I’m cautiously optimistic about the next few weeks. My hope is that when my parents and sister arrive for their Spring Breaks in the middle/end of March that we will be down to only a foot of snow.

Then again, my brother says the Farmers Almanac says we are expected to get “significant snowfall in mid-April.”

You might find me moving back to Kansas until June if that happens…


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