Trying to Impress… No One

I love to decorate my house for the different holidays or seasonal changes.

The autumn colors work best for my house, but Christmas is by far my favorite to decorate for. I also seem to have an abundance of Christmas decor that I have accumulated over the years.

But since Christmas has come and gone, I have had to take down my greenery and lights (though I could have left it up until April since the snow will still be on the ground and I always associate snow with Christmas) and move on the next holiday to decorate for.

Valentine’s Day.

As I was digging through my decor tubs, I came to the realization that I had very little in terms of Valentine’s Day/love/red decorations to set up.

But I had to put SOMETHING out… how would anyone know what holiday we are celebrating when they walk into our house?

And then I realized something. Something that would probably save me (Matt) money.

I only put out the decorations to make my house look nice when I have people come over to visit. But we don’t have visitors!

Our last visitors were my cousins Meg and Stella and that was in NOVEMBER! No one even got to appreciate all of my Christmas decorations. No one saw my greenery and lights in January. Who is going to see any Valentine’s Day decor (if I could find any) other than myself and Matt?

So, after purchasing a set of small vases at Target for $1, and digging out some hearts that I had bought at an antique store years ago, I set up my house for Valentine’s Day. For who?

Well, if I’m not going to have any actual visitors walk in my door, I thought I would show you. My faithful followers (aka my best friend, my mom, Saint Theresa).

So here you are, friends. My decorated house. Just for you!

See the heart next to the cute picture?

Here are the vases I purchased from Target and the fake red flowers from Michael's Craft Store...

A little closer look for you...

Yes, it's a green heart... but it's a heart! So I believe it counts as a Valentine's Day decoration!

Yes, it’s not a whole heck of a lot, but like I said… there is no one to really appreciate the decorations except myself. Matt probably doesn’t even realize that there are vases on the fireplace that read ‘I Love You’!

I’m glad I’ve been able to give you a tour of my living room. Now… if anyone wants to sign up for a visit, just give me a heads up because I will go ALL out for some serious decorations! 🙂



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3 responses to “Trying to Impress… No One

  1. Jenna

    Hoping to get to see some good “summer” decorations!
    P.S. Love the white frame — and “Our Boys!”

  2. Aunt Sally

    Love the candle sticks on the fire place. And I have the same red heart (aka your mother!) Vases are so cute!

  3. I’m laughing at the expression on your face in the mirror reflection. You don’t look very happy about those vases (I like them!). 🙂

    If you only lived somewhere warm, I would definitely come see your decorations right now.

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