On my last post, I informed you all that my little family was hosting a Super Bowl party and we were inviting… ourselves.

I wanted to share some pictures with you – mainly of the food – from our party. Basically, this post will be bragging about myself and how I actually cooked things that were edible and worth bragging about!

Saturday night, Matt and I (actually, it was just I) decided on our final menu for the party: Hanky Panks, a Barnes family concoction, mini meatball sandwiches, courtesy of The Pioneer Woman, cheese dip, and a Super Bowl staple. I told Matt that if by the end of this party, if the worst thing on the table was the cheese dip, I would be OK with that.

I was a bit afraid that I went a little over my comfort level when I agreed to these meatball sandwiches. I had never made a meatball in my life, I’ve only eaten them in bunches at weddings. But off to the store we went to get all of the ingredients and $30 later, there was no turning back!

We returned from the store and I got started on my first task: Hanky Panks. These are quite easy to make – it’s basically hamburger, sausage, velveeta cheese on mini pieces of Rye bread.

As I got going on this first project, I realized that there were two things that were going to be in almost all of my dishes.

Velveeta cheese.

And hamburger.


I knocked out the hanky panks, got them into the freezer where they would stay until I needed to put them in the oven before the game started.

Then I mixed up the cheese dip concoction and sent the crock pot downstairs to party central for Matt to stir, his one task, during pre-game.

And THEN came the sandwiches that would make or break the party.

I made sure I had my computer by my side so I could follow The Pioneer Woman’s recipe and picture step-by-step. I was most afraid of the part in the recipe that told me to dice an onion because this is something I had never done. Not even during Mrs. Swindler Fadely’s Home Ec class in eighth grade.

But I did it!

I also did this…

And this…

Which turned into these…

And in the end, it all turned out like this…

Like I said, I was beyond pleased with myself. In fact, I’m still patting myself on the back.

Why am I so proud of myself?

Because I. Don’t. Do. Stuff. Like. This. It’s just not my style! But I did it (and probably won’t do it again for quite some time!) and it was delish!

Oh yes… here are some pictures of our guests. The first one was my invite. What a looker!

And this guy was Matt’s invite. Definitely not as cute as my guest… but definitely 10 times more annoying.

And that was the Clark family Super Bowl party 2011. I’ve outdone myself… I’ll see you all in 2012!


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One response to “Success!

  1. Theresa

    Your pictures AND the outcome looked just like the Pioneer Woman’s! Good job!! And the picture of Sloane is so cute. She looked like she really enjoyed the party!

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