Super Bowl, Party of Four

I remember those days when Super Bowl parties were things to look forward to! I specifically remember going out to my 7th grade boyfriend’s house with friends, watching the Cowboys and the Bills play, looking through his CD collection and thinking, “MAN… he is so cool. I don’t have the Candlebox CD!” Who was I trying to kid though… I was excited when I got my first tape of Billy Ray Cyrus singing Achy Breaky Heart.

This is besides the point…

I just remember that Super Bowl parties were always fun! And I never cared who was playing really because the NFL is not my favorite… I’d choose to watch the college football national championship 10 times over watching two NFL teams, whose players make millions and trillions of dollars, go at it.

This game might be a smidge different. Though I still don’t fully care about the two teams playing, I do care for one certain individual playing… and that’s only because he’s a Wildcat. And his name is Jordy.

The shortened-nickname version of my own brother Jordan’s name. I can hear me as a nine-year-old right now.

“Jordy… that joke was NOT funny. Come back and talk to me when you’re 15.” And he did. And then his jokes were funny!

Anyway, we will be cheering loudly for No. 87 of the Packers, Jordy Nelson this Sunday. But other than that, we won’t really care (this “we ” I speak of is me and Sloane… no clue who Matt’s cheering for).

Matt and I got excited a few weekends ago, talking about the Super Bowl.

“We should have a party,” I declared. Then as soon as I declared this, I realized… who the heck is going to come to our party?

So before Matt could say anything, I yelled, “I’M INVITING SLOANE!”

DAMN, Matt said… who was he going to invite?

Poor guy got left with Wrigley.  And as you can see below… he’s a real party animal!

So… our party will not be large. In fact, it might be the smallest Super Bowl party ever.

But no worries, we’re still planning on making some food. I’ve called the cheese dip. Matt wants wings.

We’ll probably end up ordering in…

Some party!



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2 responses to “Super Bowl, Party of Four

  1. Jenna

    I think Josh and I have had parties of two over the last couple years … I have even been a party of one when he has left to go watch with his friend! Yup, I’m cool.

    Go Jordy!

  2. Your party will have more attendees than ours! Party of 3 here!

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