Crossing Fingers

When we returned to Minneapolis after having spent two weeks at home, I realized I really needed to make a strong attemp to get Sloane on some sort of sleep schedule.

I’m TOTALLY a routine person (Mondays are still my cleaning days.. always). So if I could find a way to make Sloane more like me, then I was going to do it!

Plus… getting her into a sleeping routine would help my Monday cleaning days immensely!

So, we gave it a shot.

I started paying closer attention to when she got sleepy in the mornings and once I picked up on the clues (droopy eyes were the zinger for me!), I would lay her in her crib. For a few minutes, she’d rustle around, but eventually, she would zonk out.

The first day went WAY too good. She slept for probably three hours… I was sure that was too good to be true.

I was correct.

The next day, she maybe went for an hour and a half.

Since then, she’s probably only napped once as long as the first glorious three hour nap.

Fine, fine! Atleast she is TAKING a nap, right?!

About two weeks ago, we decided to start putting her in her crib at night. Like I mentioned in a previous post, that was a tough night… for me. Not Sloane. She did great! I just cried.

Since then, we’ve all adjusted. I am no longer crying. Matt is still trying to get out of having to get up in the middle of the night to feed her. Wrigley thinks that because we’re up at 2:30 am, he needs to be up, at our (or MY) feet at that time as well.

But as of two nights ago, we had a breakthrough.

Sloane slept through the night!

It was actually quite a shock… I woke up at 4:30 when I heard her moving around, then I heard a cry at 6:30. Cue mom! So I went downstairs, changed her diaper, fed her and put her back down. I was back in bed by 7. Sidenote: I was up by 8:30 – Sloane was not up until 9:30!

Last night, I put her down at 8:30, knowing she had to be exhausted because her naps yesterday consisted of no longer than an hour and a half TOTAL.

And mom knocked that one right on the head… because at 7:30 this morning, she woke up.

THIS I can handle!

I can handle waking up at 7:30, eating some breakfast, scanning the newspaper (scanning because I’d rather sit down and READ, sad – I know!) and then going in to her smiling face at 8:00 am.

Now… from previous experience, I’m not going to hold my breath on this latest triumph. This could last one more night or it could last 10 more.

But for now, I’m going to enjoy it!

If only I could figure out how to sleep the entire night myself! It’s been more than nine months since I’ve gotten an entire night of sleep without waking up for something. Bathroom breaks and heartburn during pregnancy, feedings post-pregnancy. Now that she is in her crib, I wake up every few hours just to turn on the camera on the video monitor to make sure she is still there and still breathing.

Now that Sloane is sleeping soundly, maybe I can, too.

Like I said… I’m crossing fingers!



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3 responses to “Crossing Fingers

  1. Aunt Sally

    Woo Hoo!! Way to go Sloane and Mom!!!

  2. Jenna

    So exciting!!

  3. Michelle B

    Congrats! What a good girl. Can you have her call Carter and tell him how to sleep?

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