I recently made the decision that I am going to (attempt) make baby food for Sloane.

I decided this for a few reasons:

1) CHEAP! I’m all about saving money if I can and this will be a great way to try and do just that!
2) I can make up to a month’s worth of food at one time.
3) It will be healthier for her. I haven’t been able to breastfeed so if I can atleast try and give her some food that’s good for her, I’m going to do just that!

I actually attended a baby food making class at a Yoga center. You might recall my visit to this yoga center to take a prenatal yoga class… remember my attempt at being cool and hip? My… how that went downhill quickly!

I was excited about the class because I was hoping they would really get down and dirty and show me the ins-and-outs to making my own baby food.

I forgot though that even though I tried ‘cool and hip’ and failed miserably, I was still surrounded by the typical yoga moms… the ones that really are cool and hip. These gals are all sitting Indian style, with their coffees or stainless steel water bottles in hand (while my uncool, un-Earth friendly self carried in a plastic water bottle. Shame!) and all sitting close together because ofcourse, they all know each other!

Besides the fact that I felt out-of-place (as usual) and these women have 7-month old babies, are still breastfeeding and can’t decide if they should start feeding their baby solids yet (while I’m bottle feeding, have a 3-month old and would start feeding her solids tomorrow if I hadn’t heard that I probably shouldn’t do that!), I did gather quite a bit of information and came home feeling very confident in this decision I had made about making Sloane’s food.

The instructor in the class suggested using a Magic Bullet (if we had one) to make the baby food, which I thought was a fantastic idea. She said there was no need to go out and by a special baby food processor, which makes sense especially when one of my reasons for making baby food is to try and save money!

And then I saw an informercial…

An infomercial for a Baby Bullet.

And I want one!

I know, I know… there is no point! I can save my money and just use my blender that will do the job.

But our blender doesn’t come with batch trays, storage trays, date-dial storage cups, two different types of blade, a cookbook with great recipes… who WOULDN’T want this?

OK, maybe a year ago, a Baby Bullet wouldn’t be something I would be begging to show up on my doorstep…

But my life has changed alot in a year’s time. I moved 10 hours away from home to a place that thinks 20 degrees is warm (I hate to say that I agree!), had a baby who has yet to spend more than 5 minutes outside and my dog has turned into an indoor king.

So the fact that I’m overly excited about a miniature food processor made specifically for baby food making just doesn’t seem as strange to me as it might have in my former life!

Now if only QVC’s ‘In the Kitchen with David’ would feature this special device on the show, my dad would buy it for me in a second!

Anyone know how I can reach this David character?



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4 responses to “Suckered

  1. Aunt Sally

    David tweets and is on facebook!

  2. Maria

    Oh Ally, I love reading your blog! They make me laugh and sad, but I cry about anything and everything…. QVC has become my bestfriend, Derek gets scared everytime he see’s the UPS truck driving around town! And btw I think your a cool and hip mom even if your carrying a plastic water bottle!

  3. Jen

    If you are serious about making your own baby food, I would recommend getting something that blends finer than a regular blender. Neither my blender or 1 c. food chopper were able to get food fine enough to work as stage 1 and barely fine enough for stage 2 baby foods. Solids before 6 months is pretty much a controversial topic among doctors. Our doctor recommended starting rice cereal around 4 months because of the volume of food T was eating. He started veggies at 5 months. At 9 months, he is now eating simple table foods (saltless). You are a smart lady. Use your own judgement and pay attention to Sloane’s tummy cues. 🙂

  4. That DOES look cool! Think of it this way: Sloane is your first baby, so it would make sense to buy the Baby Bullet now so you can get more use out of it (rather than wait and end up buying it w/baby #2). Just trying to help!

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