I Have a Little Story…

And it goes something like this…

“One day, it started snowing.”


Short story, you say?

Eventually I will finish it, but I believe that the ending won’t come for a few more months.

Yes, we are getting more snow. Yes, we already have alot of snow. And yes, I have heard from more than one person that this amount of snowfall is not normal for Minnesota.

I don’t need to hear it anymore!

Again, I must remind you that I LOVE snow. But I love snow that you can go out and play in and that doesn’t come up past my knees!

This morning I looked out and the snow was falling pretty hard. It’s so pretty that for a moment, I forgot that I didn’t want anymore of it!

This is the front of our house... Matt just shoveled the sidewalks last night for an hour. Unfortunately, it was a waste of time as you can see!

Remember this picture? I remember complaining about having to rake leaves nonstop!

Currently, this is what that exact spot looks like.

I just need to remind myself of the beautiful summer and fall that we had and that we will eventually get back to that!

Not anytime soon, mind you… But eventually!


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One response to “I Have a Little Story…

  1. MP Bilyk

    That’s a lot of snow, Allyson! On an positive note, I recently read that Minneapolis is one of the best places to live in the US so there must be a lot of good things to offset the months of snow you have to contend with… I bet you and Matt will grow to love it.

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