My Lone Follower

If you remember my blogs from my pre-baby days, you will remember that I mentioned how very close Wrigley and I had become since moving to Minnesota.

We used to go on lots of walks. I’d play outside with him. When he was allowed inside, he usually stuck pretty close to my side. Lots of things that Matt was not used to!

Unfortunately for Wrigley, our good times came to a quick halt once Sloane arrived.

No more walks (partially because the snow arrived shortly after Sloane did). No more playing.

There just wasn’t enough time!

But even though all of those fun times had been put to the way side, they didn’t seem to bother Wrigley. The snow had arrived, which mean he had become an indoor dog, his passion in life.

He LOVES being inside.

Why, I am not sure. All he does is lay there.

Oh… and follow me. Everywhere.

At first, I thought he was following me because of the baby. He was her protector. He wanted to make sure she was OK.

That is not the case.

I think he follows me in hopes that I will put DOWN the baby, the baby might leave, and that we will return to our old ways of being best friends.

I’m not sure if he has realized yet that she isn’t going anywhere.

But he still follows me. Up the stairs. Down the stairs. To the bathroom door. To our bedroom door. In to the kitchen. In to the baby room. Back up the stairs.

One day just to prove my point to my husband, I had Sloane sitting in her infant seat in the kitchen and I walked around her chair six times… followed by Wrigley EACH time.

You would think I would be flattered by this following, be flattered that there is someone that deems me worthy of following.

I am not.

When asked if I would like some alone time, I say yes! But not because of my daughter… because of my dog!

I’m sure things will return to normal once the three feet of snow outside my front door vanishes. Unfortunately that won’t happen for atleast another three months.

So until then, I will have to find a way to not scream every time I turn around and there is a 75 pound dog standing close enough to me I could trip.

But I love him…

I really do.



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2 responses to “My Lone Follower

  1. janetlee dale

    Al, Remember my HUGE golden retriever Quinn? He weighed 125 and thought he was a lap dog. When the GRANDS appeared he was both happy and sad. He guarded them and looked longingly at me. When I went anywhere he was a step behind me. Annoyed? Flattered? Exasperated? Yes to all the above. He was with me 14 years. I would give anything to have him a step behind me now and looking lovingly at me. Enjoy Wrigley and all the good and bad of a dog angel to watch over you. I love you JanetLee

  2. I have a follower, too. Brinkley has always followed me EVERYWHERE. She even patiently laid next to my chair while I studied every night. And now when she sees me brush my teeth at night, she goes in our bedroom and lays by the bed. They’re just trying to be woman’s best friend! 🙂

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