Reverting to my Childhood

I remember the days when my mom dressed us up and drove us down to Bartlesville to the beautiful Washington Park Mall to Sears to get our annual sibling photo taken.

And each year, this portrait hung proudly on the dining room wall for all to see as they breezed through.

One year, to surprise our parents, my siblings and I dressed ourselves up and drove down to beautiful Washington Park Mall to Sears to have a portrait taken as a surprise to my parents.

Who wouldn’t want a huge picture of your children as a gift?!

Since then, I have realized that there is more out there in the photography world than just Sears Portrait Studio.

My cousin is WONDERFUL at photography! She has great attention to detail and her photos are timeless! Who knew that you could go outside to take a photo rather than use a snowy backdrop in a studio.

While I was planning my wedding, I looked at TONS of different photography portfolios in the Wichita area and fell in love with many different photographers and their unique styles.

I really thought my days with Sears Portrait were over.

Fast forward to the real world and present day.

I might have thought my days at Sears were over, but that was when I didn’t realize the enormous expense that comes with having a baby.

Sure, I wish I could hire any one of those photographers to come and take photos of my baby. I was EXTREMELY lucky that my cousin came to visit us when Sloane was just a newborn… I didn’t pay her for her wonderful skills, I just showered her with praises and love! 🙂

But the truth is that, even though I’d love to have some super spectacular photos taken of Sloane, I still need to buy her diapers and formula.

So… we will be heading back to good ‘ol Sears Portrait this Saturday to have her 3-month pictures taken. I’m sure they will try and sneak in a tie-dye backdrop or try and get Matt and I into a picture. But that’s just what you get.

Looks like some things will never really change!



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2 responses to “Reverting to my Childhood

  1. Aunt Sally

    I remember going with you before Lauren was born. You and Jord wore those cute navy outfits and were not happy campers. Way before digital, we left thinking they would be the worst pics ever taken. Turns out they were one of the best! Thanks Sears!

  2. Brooke

    Oh my goodness! You totally just answer my question of paying for a professional!!! Now I can’t predict the future, but I think we are going to have more than one child and I couldn’t imagine paying that much each time for a picture to be taken… I will have a Sears baby too!

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