Frustration at my Second Home

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, there was one place that I frequented at least once a week, if not more.

And that place was Babies-R-Us.

This place is a baby haven filled with anything and everything you could possibly need (or think you need) for the arrival of your child.

I would go to the store just to browse and as I walked up and down the aisles, I made mental notes of things that I just had to have.

Rarely, did I frequent the aisles of the things that were actual needs… like diapers, wipes, formula. Those aisles weren’t very fun. They didn’t have any gadgets to play with!

Fast forward to now. Two months post birth.

I still make trips to Babies-R-Us just not as many as my pre-baby days. When I do go, I load Sloane up in her car seat and make it a quick trip with a list of things I needed to pick up with coupons in hand.

I now don’t walk into that store without my Babies-R-Us 20 percent off coupons (that you receive every time you make a purchase), my coupon clippings from the newspaper as well as my coupons I received in the mail. And I go in for two things: diapers and formula.

The two most boring things in the store.

But I have learned over the past two months that these two boring items are the most important material items in my life. And of course these two items, the items that I can’t live without, are the most expensive items.

Of course they are. Why wouldn’t they be? Just a way to screw over the American Mother.

Today, I stopped in to pick up formula for my growing girl. I went straight to the formula aisle (aka the boring aisle in my former life), picked up the Enfamil Newborn tub, priced at 24.99, that will last us almost a week, and headed to the checkout counter.

Oh wait… I also picked up a Christmas bib that was on sale for $1.80.

I get to the counter, the cashier asks if I have any coupons, I responded yes and handed her my 20 percent off coupon and my $5 off coupon. The cashier scans the 20 percent off coupon and tells me it doesn’t work on the bib.

Well, no crap! It’s already on clearance sale for $1.80. I want the 20 percent off coupon to go towards the expensive stuff, the formula.

And as kindly as she can, she tells me that the 20 percent off coupon works on everthing… but diapers and formula.

Everything BUT the two most-needed items a baby has to have. Everything BUT the two most expensive most needed items a baby has to have.

I couldn’t believe it… which I told the cashier as I dug in my purse for another $5 off coupon.

As I walked to my car, I still was in shock.

So boo to you diaper companies and formula companies who price their products ridiculously high, knowing that people will buy it because they have to.

And boo to those companies that try and help by providing coupons, but exclude those two most important items.

To all of those mommas-to-be who spend a lot of time at Babies-R-Us, spend some time in the diaper and formula aisles.

Just start preparing yourself now!



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5 responses to “Frustration at my Second Home

  1. Sherron

    I have missed your blogs. So glad you are writing again!

  2. Sherron

    So glad you are writing your blog again. I have missed them

  3. Sherron

    I am so bad at this! I didn’t think the 1st one went through. Oh well, I tried.

  4. Amy Williams

    Allyson– You really should consider cloth diapering. I thought it was gross and disgusting with Avery, so I didn’t do it, but was intrigued none-the-less. With Owen I almost tried it when he was born, but then remembered that my crappy washer takes 30 minutes to fill a hot load. Then that washer died (thankfully!!) and we found out baby #3 was on the way. So I finally tried cloth diapers (since I knew I could reuse with the next babe) after SO many friends told me how great it is. And now—-I LOVE it. No, I don’t love the disgusting smell if I choose (which I don’t) to smell the bag when I quickly open and dump into the washer. But, I DO love that tomorrow I’m going to Costco and diapers (for the first time in over 3.5 yrs) is NOT ON MY LIST! Also, Costco has AMAZING deals on their Kirkland brand formula. Turn the packaging around on it and compare to what you are buying…it’s the exact same thing. It’s regulated to be that way. My pediatrican told me there was no need to buy name brand. Anyway, just a few money saving tips for ya. Please! Email me if you are at all intersted in doing the cloth thing. I’m using the Bum Genius 3.0’s and love ‘um and so does Owen’s sweet bottom since they are oh so soft! 🙂

  5. Michelle B

    Always ask for free formula at your pedi appointments. That’s why it’s so expensive in the stores because it is free at the doctors!

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