Oh the Weather Outside is…


I was warned about snow. I was warned about frigid temps.

I was not warned about THIS kind of snow… or THIS kind of temperature!

While Matt, Sloane and I were spending a weekend in rainy Chicago, our home was being dumped on. Eighteen inches of dumpage to be exact.

One of the top five snowfalls in Minneapolis fell over the weekend and boy, am I thrilled that I moved here JUST in time for it!

Like I said, we spent the weekend in Chicago visiting family and attending a K-State basketball game. Our plan was to go shopping at a nearby outlet mall after we left Chicago and then head back home.

We got out of Chicago just fine. In fact, I was curious what all of the fuss was about because as we drove out of the city, the streets were clear, no snow… it was just cold.

We went to the outlet mall, did our business and then hit the road for the six hour drive.

And then our plan went awry!

It basically became whiteout conditions as soon as we hit the road. The wind was blowing the snow across the road and there were at least half a dozen cars in the ditches along our way. We made a stop to get gasoline and check our tires and decided to keep trucking a little farther to see if when we started to head North, it got any better!

Well, it did. But the roads, they did not!

So rather than risk the life of our new baby, we decided to have Sloane’s first hotel sleep over in Madison, Wis.

She was totally enjoying herself!

We gave our selves a tour of the town and of the University of Wisconsin campus… and found the football stadium. Goal accomplished!

Up and early we went the next morning and arrived back in Minneapolis around 11:30. After picking up Wrigley from the kennel (where he came back with a wonderful report card – they actually said they would love to have him back!), we slowly pulled up to our house, jaws dropped.

I can honestly tell you I have never seen so much snow in my entire life.

It was beyond unbelievable.

There was no easy way to our front door since the snow had not been removed for us (which I  was secretly hoping would happen!) and since it was thigh-high, it made it difficult to move with a carseat in hand.

Matt went in search of our shovel and carved a path to the front door for us. Last night, he somehow talked the neighbor into snow blowing our driveway for us (they exchanged a flask of whiskey so we know what we’ll be getting that neighbor for Christmas!).

All I can say is that I have seen the snow… and I am OK with never seeing this amount ever, ever, EVER again.

Like I said… I was warned.

About 10 inches above our front window... that is 3 feet off the ground!

The path Matt shoveled out for us to get to the front door!

Just getting eye level with the snow in the backyard!

I hope no one needed to sit down!

At least our K-State flag is still waving proudly... kind of!

I guess I was asking for it...

PS. It is my New Years Resolution to return to my weekly blog posts. But this can only be accomplished if a certain 2-month-old will cooperate!


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One response to “Oh the Weather Outside is…

  1. Jenna

    So this isn’t actually normal? At least that’s encouraging! Tell Sloane to behave … Auntie J misses the blogs and etsy finds 🙂

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