I’m Alive!


I hate being ‘that girl’.

The girl that has a blog and never posts anything!

Lucky for me, I have one excuse and it’s a good one.

Her name is Sloane and she is a month old! 🙂

Little one is doing well and Matt and I are slowly adjusting to this new role as parents. Honestly, I can’t believe how fast a month has went by! It’s a bit scary… if a month has zoomed by, how fast will the next 18 years go?!

Currently, Matt and I are both in Sedan for Thanksgiving. The 10-hour ride went really well. Sloane slept the entire way… if only Wrigley would do the same!

Unfortunately I don’t have long to chat as it is almost time for the blessed child to eat again. But I wanted to share some photos that my wonderful cousin, Megan, took while her and Stella visited us.

To say she is an amazing photographer is not saying enough… Her photos are wonderful. As is she! 🙂

Here are a few from her photo shoot with Sloane. I also had her take some Christmas pictures of the three of us. Crazy how we lucked out with snow just in time for the pictures. Gotta love Minnesota in November!

Without further ado: Little Grasshopper Photography


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