Etsy Finds of the Week

On this 280th day of pregnancy, I must tell you that unfortunately, this might be the last Etsy Finds of the Week post for a few weeks.

You see, this 280th day of pregnancy equals 40 weeks, which equals a full-term pregnancy. This is great news… that we have made if all the way to 40 weeks! The bad news is that we have no baby to prove it.

What we know? We know that my feet are as swollen as… as… wow. I have nothing to compare them to. They are big, though. We know that because of this, my doctor has put me on semi bed rest, which is hard for someone who doesn’t like to sit still or sit down for longer than 30 minutes.

We also know that if this baby doesn’t arrive on her own free will, she will be forced out via induction next week.

So… this is the long explanation as to why this might be the last Etsy Finds for awhile! It will not be the final, though – that I promise you. This shall live on… just after I figure out how to take care of a child!

1) Set of 5 Yarn Wrapped Stacking Bangles – Seller: Mystic Fibers

  • Since the weather up North has finally returned to the normal 60 degrees (it was 85 last week!), I can finally return to cool/cold weather cloth searching and cool/cold weather accessory shopping.
  • These bangles are adorable! And the perfect cold weather accessory (and just so happen to be in the perfect color!).
  • This seller has MANY super cute options for cool/cold weather accessories … check her out!

2) Shopping List Organizer – Seller: Alissa Jacobs

  • I have found a new hobby since moving and being jobless. I wish I could tell you that it’s a really cool new hobby. But I can’t lie.
  • It’s coupon cutting.
  • Yes… I admit. Not the coolest hobby I could come up with!
  • But since living off of one income and currently still paying for two houses, one must find hobbies that are cheap. And free. Therefore, I’m a coupon cutter!
  • And since becoming a coupon cutter, I have collected numerous coupons! Problem is I have NOWHERE to put them!
  • Cue Etsy and this awesome organizer! There are actually so many different organizers on Etsy I didn’t know where to start, but this sellers fabric options are what sold me.

3) Plush Vintage Chenille Ice Cream Rattle – Seller: Vintage Chenille

  • I have featured this seller on my Etsy Finds before and she has come up with another fantastic product!
  • I am terribly nervous about cluttering up my house with toys galore – toys that are big and plastic and ugly.
  • Now… if I have tons of toys in my house that look like this… and made of chenille? I don’t think I’ll have as big an issue with it! 🙂
  • Thanks to Vintage Chenille for coming up with these handmade toy goodies!

And that’s all for this week!

Like I said, I hope to return in the next few weeks with this weekly post. Until then…


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  1. Frack

    Thinking about you, Al!! I can’t wait to see the email/facebook/blog post about Sloane’s arrival!

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