How Rude!

When I log on to the computer each day, I immediately go to There is usually some noteworthy story on the home page – a celebrity that got thrown into jail overnight, the unusual heat wave to hit the North (we’re finally back into the 70s today!), a quick and easy dinner recipe.

But today…. today, decided to just crush my dreams.

Today, they posted an article about the five worst halloween candies.

The problem with this story is that I have not had any real pregnancy cravings until the end of this pregnancy. And what would you guess would be my biggest craving?

Candy. Chocolate candy.

And what is the majority of the worst Halloween candy?

Chocolate. Butterfingers. Twix bars.

Why Yahoo? Why do you have to crush my dreams?

So, I warn you those of you that love Halloween candy or candy in general. This article is nothing but a downer. Especially when they say to eat a tootsie roll rather than three Twix bars. Boooooo!

5 Worst Halloween Candies (and 10 Best Survival Tips)



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2 responses to “How Rude!

  1. Jenna

    Obviously that article doesn’t apply to pregnant women. I mean, if it’s what the baby wants … !

  2. I’m with Jenna. Don’t deprive the baby of chocolate!

    I think about you every day, wondering if this will be Sloane’s debut!!

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