39 Weeks…

And I can promise that you will not see another pregnant picture of me… atleast in this pregnancy!

Why am I just now posting a picture of myself? Why haven’t I posted more of this glorious and beautiful thing I have been doing/carrying for the past nine months?

Because though I’m certain my daughter is going to be adorable and worth every pound that I have packed on, I do not look adorable. Nor do I feel adorable. I feel like I’ve put on 30-plus pounds.

Which I have.

Some people were made to have pregnancy pictures taken of them.

Taryn, over at ‘A Peine for your Thoughts’ is expecting twins and is currently in her fifth month of pregnancy… and she looks adorable. That’s what happens when you start out skinny and tall.

Unfortunately for me, I got the Hills’ height (which equals short) and the Barnes’ boobs (which makes me look heavier than I really am). So the added weight just isn’t doing much for me!

Besides those small downers, I am pleased that this pregnancy has been smooth sailing (give or take some back aches and large feet). And I will be equally as pleased when I can return to my favorite clothing stores and finally buy something, rather than watch my husband walk out with five new items while I follow him out of the store thinking, “This just isn’t right.”



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6 responses to “39 Weeks…

  1. Taryn M. Peine

    Finally a photo! You look so cute sister! And I appreciate you giving me a shout-out for my 17 WEEK photo…which will look NOTHING like my 39 WEEK photo I know. If I can even walk by then. So excited for you and can’t wait to see your baby girl!! Hang in there!!!

  2. Aunt Sally

    You are beautiful inside and out!! And sorry about those Hills genes but I have them too!!

  3. Jenna

    Hooray, friend! This really makes my day! And you just still look so cute and happy. Wish I could give you and Sloane a big hug!

  4. Maria Ehrke

    You still look cute as ever!! Hope I can look as adorable as my cousin when I am 39 weeks pregnant!XOXO

  5. mp

    You are as cute as ever! Both of you : )

  6. I think you’re very cute….and just remember that Sloane will always think that her mother is beautiful!!

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