5 Reasons Why It’s Time to Wrap this Up

It has come to my attention over the past week that it might be time to no longer be pregnant.

Don’t get me wrong! I have actually enjoyed this pregnancy! Somehow, I was one of the lucky ones that didn’t spend any extra time at the hospital, never had to call my doctor to ask questions, never got “sick” sick. I just never really had any major issues. And I thank my lucky stars every day! Though I’m hoping this all doesn’t backfire on me once my baby is actually here… but I’m reminded by my husband to be positive, so we won’t even go there!

So why would I have any reasons to want to be finished being pregnant when it has been so hunky dory thus far?

1) My (baby) projects are complete.

  • Since getting moved up to the Land of 10,000 Lakes, it has taken me all three-plus months that we have been here to get my daughter’s room ready and in “Allyson condition”, which means EVERYTHING (minus a crib mattress but that is in the works!) is bought and where it needs to be, not pushed off for a few more months and scattered all around.
  • I remember being panic mode in August, thinking that my daughter’s clothes were going to stay in the same spot they were currently in – all over the floor because we had no dresser or closet rod – until Christmas. Luckily, my husband came through (after being tortured relentlessly) and got a dresser and closet rod in her room.
  • So with these projects complete, I don’t have anything left to do… except continue to clean my house on a daily basis in case THIS is the day she wants to make her entrance into the world!

2) The falling temperatures and my clothing are not going to mix for much longer.

  • I am in LOVE with our current weather situation we are in up here in the Great North. It couldn’t be more gorgeous! The leaves are changing, the temperature is in the 60’s/low 70’s and I can decorate with the lovely fall colors that I enjoy so much!
  • The problem is that its not really shorts or sun dress weather. And if we all recall, I didn’t run out and purchase hundreds of new items of maternity clothing over the past nine months!
  • So basically at this point, I’m switching it up between my black leggings and my wonderful maternity jeans. And since I’m not a person that can wear a pair of jeans and then turn around and wear them again the next day, I seem to be doing alot of tiny loads of laundry. Ridiculous, I know. If my friend April was reading this, she’d just tell me to Febreeze the hell out of my clothes and keep on wearing!

3) I’m not sure if my little body can gain any more weight!

  • I believe I explained to you a few weeks ago that I had topped the 170-mark in the weight department and what was so unfortunate about this weight gain is that it made me heavier than my husband. Granted, I’m carrying a child, it still is a little unsettling. I don’t enjoy being larger than my husband.
  • Two weeks ago at my weekly doctor’s visit, I had LOST weight. I had almost dipped back down into the 160’s (oh, what a joy it will be to be 160 again!). Though I was a bit concerned, the nurse told me that it was nothing to be alarmed about and that some women tend to lose weight towards the end of their pregnancy. HOORAY! I was one of those women!
  • I returned for my doctor’s appointment the next week not only to have gained BACK the weight I had lost, but I added an additional four pounds to boot. I swear that I’m not fibbing to you when I say that my daily food routine doesn’t change much. If I’m lucky, my husband will take me to dinner once a week. I very rarely make any pit stops at fast food joints. And the only thing that I have craved throughout this pregnancy that probably hasn’t been good for me are the chocolate cupcakes with creme filling – but that has only been over the past few weeks!
  • I know that my doctor doesn’t believe me when I tell her I haven’t been doing anything differently because when we chat, she says everything is looking great as she thumbs through my chart until she gets to the weight. “You’re weight is (starts to trail off…) … good.”

4) I’ve taken up snoring.

  • I’m not a fan of snoring. Or atleast of the noise that comes with snoring. Though I realize that people absolutely can’t help it (as I have recently learned), it still drives me crazy. My dad had to get a machine to help him decrease his snoring… and I’m still not sure it’s 100 percent effective!
  • Unfortunately, over the past few weeks, I have apparently become a snorer. Something I never wanted to be. A dental hygienist, yes. A snorer, no.
  • The good news is (I hope) that this snoring has only been brought on by me being towards the end of the third trimester of pregnancy. Which to me means it’s my baby’s fault. Which I can live with… as long as it goes away once the baby is here.
  • What makes the snoring awful is that I don’t even know I’m doing it. I’ve noticed I’ve been having trouble breathing at night, but thought nothing of it until Matt told me one morning that I had been snoring. I never believe him because when he says things like this, he’s just trying to find an excuse/reason as to why he had taken all of the covers and slept in the middle of the bed the night before. “Matt, you took the covers again last night.” “Yeah, well you were snoring!”
  • Last night was the lowest of the lows. My snoring was so awful and annoying that my poor husband actually got up in the middle of the night to go downstairs and sleep on the couch. Great timing because I had to get up to to to the bathroom (surprise, surprise) so I followed him downstairs only to apologize profusely. He was totally fine and blamed our growing child (aren’t we great parents already?!). I can only hope that this ‘problem’ goes away immediately after I give birth … or we could be headed for separate bedrooms!

5) It’s just time.

  • I switch back and forth every day on being ready for this baby to be here. Some days, I’m totally ready. Excited to meet her, see what she looks like, hope her APGAR score is out of this world. You know, what every mother is ready for. Then there are other days when Matt and I are out at the movie or when we are spending our Thursday nights with our eyes plastered to the TV screen when I think that these moments might be few and far between after Sloane arrives.
  • And I do feel like a bad person for thinking that because I know that this baby is the greatest thing that will ever happen to us. It just makes me want to soak up every second of time as a non-parent before she arrives.
  • On the flip side, it’s time. It’s time for her to be here. We have talked about it enough, taken the classes, read the books, skimmed the message boards and googled every time of symptom known to man. We have put up her cradle, her crib, her swing, installed her car seat, washed her clothes and opened the box of diapers.
  • The last missing piece of the puzzle is her.

So… there are my five reasons as to why it’s time to nip this pregnancy in the bud. Nothing crazy. It’s just time to be done.

Sloane… we’re just waiting on you!



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3 responses to “5 Reasons Why It’s Time to Wrap this Up

  1. Jenna

    Yes we are! Love you all!

  2. Michelle B

    This is the first of many lessons that she is in charge. Best of luck waiting….

  3. Aunt Sally

    I thinks she is getting close. In my experience, they only arrive after I have TOTALLY had ENOUGH of being pg. And I think I was lucky to be working. Less time to sit and think and stress! Hang in there!
    Love and miss you 🙂

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