“Last Day of September…”

“… Easy to Remember.”

Why, you ask?

Because every year on the last day of September, I celebrate the arrival of myself into this world!

Wow! How obsessed with myself can I be that I actually celebrate my coming into this planet, you ask?

Well, there is only one day a year that can be all about you and I feel no harm in exclaiming to the world that today is my day! 🙂

I was hoping that my birthday present would be someone buying our house in Wichita… but that present is looking doubtful. Luckily, my husband came through with a surprise on the doorstep this morning…

I think I’ve been talking about how much I want some pumpkins and mums for the front porch that he decided today would be a great day to get that accomplished!

The remainder of my day will be spent doing the usual: probably a trip to IKEA, laundry, bring peace to a third world country. I don’t know… I’m not sure what I’ll have time for.

It will conclude with a two-hour visit to the hospital for the “Night at the Birthplace” session, which is basically the extended version of the mini-tour we got at our baby class in August. I told Matt we could skip, but I think we both secretly want one more peek at this place before we are there ‘for reals’.

Anywho, I hope YOU all have a spectacular day on my birthday. If there is ever a point where your day is looking down, just chin up and think, “Allyson was born today. I will rise above!” 😉


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