Etsy Finds of the Week

Officially hit the 38 week mark of this pregnancy. And as you have already been able to tell, my forgetfulness has taken the best of me. So my apologies for missing last week’s Etsy Finds… I plead nothing but pregnancy insanity!

Not sure HOW I remembered this week, but let’s not ask any questions, let’s just get to it!

1) Obi Pouch – Seller: Gracie Design

  • I love accessories, as I have noted numerous times, so it probably comes as no surprise that you see a purse listed as a ‘Find of the Week’.
  • I love this ‘pouch’ (as they call it)! They show it here with all black and since nowadays, all I seem to where is all black, I could TOTALLY rock this!

2) Polka Dot and Corduroy Ballet Slipper Baby Booties – Seller: Tilly Whistle

  • I also am planning on dragging my child through my obsession with accessories.
  • Why not start it off right with these adorable ballet flats?!
  • This seller has quite a few pieces that I would purchase… the velvet dress loafers have also caught my eye!

3) Denim Blue Bow Belt – Seller: Darlingtonia

  • For the last month, I have had only one belt that actually fits (depressing). So knowing that my regular clothes, belts, shoes are somewhat in my future, I feel that it is OK to actually look at cute items like this.
  • There are several different colors of this belt that are super cute and with a long cardigan, would be the perfect accent piece!
  • I also found several pairs of shoes on this site that are beyond cute… unfortunately the price range is out of Allyson’s price point. So we won’t even go there! 🙂

Everyone enjoy the rest of their Wednesday. I’m going to sit here and count down the hours until my birthday … currently we are at nine hours and 51 minutes. Until tomorrow… 🙂


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One response to “Etsy Finds of the Week

  1. Jenna

    Happy Birthday Eve, oh pregnant one!

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