Narrowed Wardrobe

I’ve started to realize over the past few weeks that there is not much left in my wardrobe for me to fit into. Luckily, stretch has really taken off in the world of fashion over the past few years so I was thankfully I already had a few pieces that would work for someone entering their 38th week of pregnancy.

Not sure what that says about my sense of fashion when I didn’t have a bulging stomach as my excuse for the baggy, stretchy clothing.

I love clothes. If I had a million dollars, you can bet that I would spend quite a chunk of change on clothing. Unfortunately, I do not have a million dollars therefore you will very rarely ever seem purchase anything over $25. The problem with this is that my favorite clothing store is JCrew whose cheapest item is a pair of socks … that still cost more than my $25 limit.

The last paragraph is just a way to show you that I don’t buy new clothes very often unless they are in the sale aisle or from Target.

And that last paragraph is to show you that this pregnancy has really put a damper on my shopping.

I dreaded the day when I had to start purchasing maternity clothes for one reason and one reason only. OK, maybe two reasons.

One being that I would only be able to wear these clothes for a certain amount of time – a 10-month time frame. And I don’t know about you, but for someone who loves clothes but doesn’t buy much, that thought is depressing. If I was going to spend money on anything, shouldn’t it be something that I’m going to wear beyond the pregnancy?

Two being that I very rarely have found any maternity clothes that are acceptable to wear in public. I’m taking stone washed jeans, old lady shirts… the worst.

But there was no getting around it. Literally, there became a point where nothing would fit around my stomach. I wore my pre-preggo clothes until the last second.

And since that time, I have purchased 10 clothing items, all under $25, that I am determined to make last until this baby is here:

  • Stretch leggings – a must have!
  • A black stretch maternity tee from Target
  • A white stretch maternity tee from Target
  • A black summer dress … from Target
  • A bright-colored summer dress … Target again
  • Dark blue racer back tank (from Target)
  • Two pairs of maternity shorts from Old Navy
  • One pair of maternity jeans from Gap Maternity (on sale for $15)
  • One pair of maternity jean capris from Gap (on sale for $10)
  • One long summer dress from Old Navy that I never wore because I never got as big as I thought I would!

The best news about all of these clothing purchases (minus the long summer dress I never wore) is that though they are all maternity, they will definitely be worn post-pregnancy, which was something I considered every time I tried a piece of clothing on.

The only issue I’m having now is that it’s almost October in the Great North, which means the colder temps are starting to arrive… which means the majority of those clothing purchases aren’t going to do me much good for much longer.

I might be trying the layered look at some point…. leggings with a pair of shorts and a layering of the black and white tops.

Good news is no one knows me up here… so they can make fun of me all I want and I’ll never know!


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