Where are you, Tim Gunn?

I was lucky enough to marry into a family of sewers. They can make anything! Well… atleast anything that I would need.

For example, if I needed some pants hemmed (and I can’t do it myself, that’s for sure!), Patty Clark is to the rescue! If I was not enjoying my current pillow covers, give aunt Janet a call!

Aunt Janet is also famous for her curtain making skills.

And who needed curtains for a certain baby’s room? Well, that would be me!

Cue Aunt Janet!

We had made arrangements for her and her husband to make a trip to Minneapolis this past weekend and one part of the agenda was to get some curtains made. All Allyson had to do was purchase the fabric for the curtains.

These arrangements had been made in July… so I had two months to search for the perfect fabric.

Problem is I’m not a fabric guru. I do not sew (though I made an attempt at it thanks to 4-H!). I do not know how many feet are in a yard. And I have no clue what fabric works best when it comes to curtain making.

But I set out on this task to find the best darn fabric that I could find… and a reasonable price. I’m not sure if I have told any of you this, but since becoming a Stay-at-Homer, I have really jumped into coupon-clipping, online coupons and anything related to the word ‘SAVE’! Since I can’t contribute dollar-wise to my household, I’m attempting to save as much as I can when I have to go out into the world and spend my husband’s hard-earned money.

I googled fabric stores and found one that was 15 minutes away, but had quite a selection of fabrics… so the website said.

I jumped in the car and headed North, pulled up to this store and walked in the doors.




It was like I had just walked into Mood Fabrics, the fabric store the designers on Project Runway use (maybe a little less cool than Mood, though…).

It was then that I realized my dream of being a fashion designer was not going to work out for me, since this huge fabric store was more scary to me than exciting.

I started wandering, which I thought was the best tactic. Just jump right in.

I browsed the cotton aisles, but soon realized that this cotton material seemed was looking a little too much like what my mom uses for her bulletin boards at school, so I moved on.

I passed the polyester aisle, the satin, the outdoor material and eventually ended up in the linen section.

There was no way possible that this decision was going to be able to made in one day, so I called it quits and returned with a fresh mind and an actual swatch to match the colors to the baby’s crib bumper.

After sifting through the hundreds of linen choices and going back and forth between pink and blue, then realizing that I wouldn’t have enough pink fabric to make a half a curtain, I settled on a blue.

And with the magic of aunt Janet, curtains were made…

And voila!

We are one step closer to a finished baby’s room! Final touches include a mirror for Sloane and I to stare at ourselves in, a wall shelf to basically hold more crap, and a mattress for her crib. The mattress being probably the most important of the three!



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2 responses to “Where are you, Tim Gunn?

  1. Jenna

    1. I “lol”ed when I read the first sentence as “sewers,” as in “where Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live,” rather than as in how you meant it. It’s been a long day and I needed that! Ha!
    2. The pics of the fabric store = scariest thing I’ve seen in a while. Good for you for sticking it out.
    3. LOVE the curtains!!!

  2. Jenna

    Oh, 4. I had to google Tim Gunn …

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