Wrigley’s First Lake Walk

You might recall a few months ago me mentioning to you that one of the things I noticed since moving to Minneapolis is that everyone has a dog.

I also noticed that everyone takes these dogs on walks.

To go even further, they take these dogs on walks around the lake.

Lake Harriet is the lake I am referring to which is about a mile from our house. It’s a 2.75 mile walk around with walking/jogging and bike paths. It’s a gorgeous area to stroll around and when I find the energy, that is usually where I go for my walks.

Now, earlier in the pregnancy, I would go on a walk around the lake atleast once a week (we won’t discuss how many times I have/have not gone as this pregnancy has progressed!). I would head out on a weekday morning, usually around 10, which seemed to be the perfect time. It wasn’t busy or packed – just the right amount of people.

And all kinds of people, might I add!

You’ve got the moms with the jogging strollers, the old grandma’s out for their daily stroll and gossip fest, the young wives who have the rich husbands who just finished up their tennis match and decided to take a quick jaunt around the lake. Then you’ve got the dog walkers. And then you’ve got me. I’m not sure where I really fit into any of the above categories, but I attempt to fit in. 🙂

What has always impressed me about the dogs that walk around this lake is that they are very calm and quiet. They stroll beside their master and very rarely take their eyes off of what is in front of them.

This amazes me because I know for a fact that my dog would not do any of those things:

  • Calm and quiet:  Wrigley doesn’t know the meaning of either of those words.
  • Stroll beside their master: We’ve been trying to get him to do this for YEARS and we are almost into year five and he still is pulling us!
  • Take their eyes off of what is in front of them: This makes me laugh out loud because if there is one place Wrigley is looking when he is on a walk, it is NOT in front of him. It is everywhere else!

I would love to be one of those super mom’s that I have seen on many occasions at the lake, pushing her baby in the jogging stroller and has her dog’s leash attached to the stroller and the dog just moseys along beside her.

After mentioning this to Matt, he decided that it was time to get Wrigley to the lake.

And I had to decide if I thought participating in this spectacle was really worth the 2.75 mile walk!

I gave in, though scared about what the next hour of our life would entail. I was almost sure that Wrigley would somehow pull his collar off, chase down the nearest dog, whose owner would be on Doggy Patrol and he would take Wrigley away forever for being the most misbehaved dog at the lake.

But off we went…

Wrigley knew something wonderful was about to happen when he was allowed in the car… without a sheet to cover up the seats!

With the breeze in his hair, he felt like a pup of two again!

And this is how the walk began… down 50 narrow steps. Luckily Matt had the reigns or I would have been sliding down these stairs, thanks to my super strong dog!

And off we went! As you can see, it started just as I thought it would. Wrigley (not focusing on straight ahead) was excited to be in new surroundings, he had to smell everything and mark his territory… on everything. Including the numerous benches found along the lake that numerous people sit on every day.

I’m so proud.

Matt eventually forced him to walk on the grass, in hopes that all of the trees he could urinate on would be more appealing than trying to sniff every dog that walked by on the walking path (which was almost every other person).

And while Matt was trying to control our dog, I was taking pictures of one of the few trees thats leaves had changed! My mom informed me that Lake Harriet is one of the top places in the United States for fall foliage. I will be eagerly awaiting the next few weeks to see if this is true!

Most of the dog walkers that take their dogs around the lake carry portable water dishes for their dogs. They stop at the water pumps located along the path and fill it up so their tired pooch can re-energize with some high quality H2O.

Not us.

We send our dog into the lake for a drink of water.

Lake water apparently does a body good because he was right back to pulling Matt around the path.

Luckily, Wrigley only managed to ALMOST knock only one rollerblader -who was pulling his dog beside him- off of his blades.

We had to make a pit stop for Mama to Be, which happened to be perfect timing. As you can see from this picture, Wrigley is staring intently at what Matt and I wish we could have been staring at… or atleast been able to get a picture of.

There was an overly large man sitting on a nearby picnic table, wearing nothing but a kilt. No shirt, no shoes. Just a kilt. And his belly.

It’s at a time like that where I wish staring at humans was not rude!

We eventually made it all the way around and got Wrigley back into the car, where he plopped right down.

Though Matt pulled a groin, got rope burn from the leash and a sore right arm, we survived Wrigley’s first walk around the lake.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to be a hip mom that walks the lake with her baby and dog… but atleast I know that my dog is not deprived and atleast got his chance to walk around the lake like the other dogs in Minneapolis.

Not sure if he’ll ever be going back…

But atleast he got his one day at the lake!



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2 responses to “Wrigley’s First Lake Walk

  1. Aunt Lori

    what’s up with Matt and his facial hair?

  2. Randi

    This cracks me up! I think our dogs could be brothers. The only way I can walk Toro is with a Gentle Leader…you should try one if you haven’t yet!

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