You Know the Saying…

“It ain’t over til the fat lady sings.”

Well, I believe that in honor of entering my 36th week of pregnancy, I’m changing this famous line to, “It ain’t over til the fat pregnant lady sings.”

The gaining of the weight hasn’t bothered me so much until recent weeks.

Back in the day, the thought of telling Matt how much I weighed, burping or ‘letting wind’ as my grandma would say in front of him was something you would not find me doing. Even after seven years of dating and a good year of marriage under our belt.

Things change when you get pregnant.

I feel like since I’m the one that is going through all of these bodily changes and I moved seven hours away from my closest friend, he should be the one to suffer and hear about all of these new issues that arise daily from carrying his child.

At a recent doctor’s appointment, I was weighed, as I normally am. Let’s just say, I have crept past the 160-pound mark. Once we got into the exam room and the nurse had left, I asked Matt how much he weighed. He told no lies and very matter-of-factly told me how much he weighed… which was less than me.

The one thing I never wanted to hear was that my husband weighed less than me.

Yes, I’m growing a human inside of me and yes, somehow I have come through this pregnancy without gaining weight in my rear or face.

But if I haven’t gained extra weight in my rear or in my face, it has to be going somewhere, right?

Apparently, it’s all going to my  feet.

My mom has told me numerous times (and I have also heard her tell this story to others) that her feet swelled to ginormous proportions while she was pregnant… especially with my sister. Go figure.

I never thought I’d be able to experience cankles… until now.

So in a month’s time, after the birth of my child, I can guarantee you that I will immediately lose 20 pounds.

From my stomach. And from my feet.



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5 responses to “You Know the Saying…

  1. Aunt Sally

    Bless your heart! It does look just like your mom!! Your toes look pretty. “Hell of a deal” as your papps would say!!

  2. Jenna

    Aww … poor sad feet! Umm, your toes are pretty 🙂

  3. Michelle B

    I will sing with you and then it can all be over!

    How do you keep the weight from going to your rear? Help me out over here…

  4. Meg

    oh my! it must be genetic. my legs swell like crazy when i am pregnant. i get edema, so you can press down really hard near my shin, and the indention will stay for 2-3 minutes. freak of nature. luckily, i can offer you this bit of comfort…it WILL go away shortly after delivery.

  5. Nikki Young

    Allyson – First off, love reading your Etsy finds!! Second, I too was a victim of the prego swollen feet. I love my high heels and was determined to wear them until the end (meaning delivery day) but when I went to put on my workout shoes at month 8 and couldn’t even get them on, I knew I had problems. Hang in there, believe it not they go right back to normal. Still wearing my size 6, thank goodness, too many cute shoes to waste in my closet. 🙂

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