This Pregnancy Thing

Yesterday, we crossed the 35 week mark of pregnancy.

35 weeks.

Five weeks left (we hope) until the little one arrives.

Seriously, wasn’t it just yesterday that I was telling my family that we were pregnant and to NOT tell anyone, only for my dad, who had just learn to text the day before, to mass text everyone in his cell phone?

Though I know that both Matt and I realize that this baby is coming in the near future. But I’m still not sure if we have fully comprehended that the near future is a month away…35 days from now. I only feel the pressure of her arrival for a few reasons: a) there is a pressure in my belly b) I’m home alone all day so I have plenty of time to stare at all of the things we have to put together and make lists of things we still need.

I’ve read that the ‘nesting period’ of pregnancy begins after the fifth month. In my case, I’d say I’ve been in the ‘nesting period’ my entire life. I like their to be order and organization all the time, not just right before the baby arrives. Which is what I told my husband last night as we were headed to the movie… a subtle hint that I’d appreciate it if we could get her swing, infant seat, car seat, stroller, dresser and closet rod all completed… by this weekend.

I don’t think he got my subtle hint… My husband’s idea of nesting is to complete all of these tasks by the day BEFORE she arrives. He would call himself successful if that happened.

As we sat in the movie theatre, watching a flick that dropped the F bomb every 30 seconds, I started to think about how this could be the last time I get to really enjoy a movie like this for quite some time.

I seem to do this on a daily basis though and at times it’s a bit ridiculous.

For example, I was grocery shopping yesterday and had to get a new toothbrush. As I stood in the dental aisle and examined each brush, I was thinking, “This could be the last toothbrush I buy before the baby is here.” Which made the purchase even more important… and made me pick the coolest looking one they had, which ofcourse, was purple.

But it is things like this that cloud my mind all day. “Enjoy this night of sleep you’re getting because you won’t get many of them once the kid is here.” “Scrub that floor the best you can because this might be the last time you scrub that floor for many months.” “Soak up the quiet that you are getting right now because quiet will not be in your vocabulary for much longer.”

You could say I’m being dramatic.

But it’s all now hitting me that I’m not longer going to able to just worry about myself, my dog or my husband… three fairly easy things to take care of.

My biggest worry in life will be arriving in five weeks. And from what I have been told… our lives will change forever.

Change… another thing that worries me.



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3 responses to “This Pregnancy Thing

  1. Aunt Sally

    Ah I remember those worries very well. And coming from the Queen of worrying, I know it doesn’t help but I haven’t stopped since they were born! But alas, all will be well!!
    Thanks, now I have u to worry about too!!!!!!

  2. Jenna

    Ahh, you are so my best friend. Change-haters unite. BUT this will be the best change ever!!

  3. maria

    You will make a wonderful Mom as will Nate a wonderful Dad!!!

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