Etsy Finds of the Week

In honor of my favorite time of year, the beginning of the college athletics season (specifically football), I am dedicating this week’s finds to everyone that either attends games or watches from the comfort of their own home.

1) Beer Mug – Seller: Whitewash Sundries

  • Who wouldn’t enjoy their own monogrammed beer mug to accompany their favorite brew while watching their favorite game?
  • I know I’m looking forward to the day when I can pull my beer mug out of the freezer and pour a glass full of Boulevard Wheat.
  • And then I’ll have to be put to bed.

2) Handmade Fingerless Gloves/Armwarmers – Seller: Bombshell Sports

  • Anyone that knows Kansas and knows Manhattan knows that when that damn North wind is coming at you in the end of fall/beginning of winter, it gets cold. Very cold.
  • Cue the warm clothing.
  • And cue these gloves for those frostbitten days and tailgates.
  • They would be perfect for the valiant tailgater in you!

3) LoveTub Large Flexible Storage Bucket/Party Tub – Seller: B Simple Crafts

  • This bucket would be the perfect storage place for any kind of beverages that you would to store at a tailgate.
  • Just fill it up with your drinks, toss some ice over it and kick back and relax while everyone admires your storage bucket!
  • The seller will customize the bucket to your liking … so no worries. You won’t have to carry around an Alabama bucket!

So everyone sit back, relax and enjoy the opening weekend of college football!


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