22 Going on 30

Today is my husband’s birthday.

He turned 29.

Luckily for Matt and I, we both still seem to look on the younger side. Lucky I say… though in most cases, I curse those that tell me that I look younger than my 21-year-old sister. SHE looks like ME.

Though Matt is only 29, he seems to have already been processing what next year’s birthday of turning the big 3-0 will be like.

“I don’t want to be 30,” he says.

“It will be fun, Matt,” I say… because let’s face it – I’m always younger than him so telling him that turning 30, while I’ll only be turning 29, is fine. Now when it’s my turn to turn 30, I’m sure I will be singing a different tune.

Matt told me last night that he keeps thinking that he is only 26… ahh, the glory days! When all you had to worry about was yourself and making sure you got to work on time the next day.

Fast forward three years later and you’re married, have a mortgage, you’re taking care of two people plus a 75-pound lab, live in a new state and are awaiting the arrival of your first born.

My, how time flies!

So anyway… a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my husband, the best darn looking 26 (plus 3)-year-old that I’ve ever seen!


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  1. Haha…I love that picture! Happy birthday to Matt!

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