Etsy Finds of the Week

As the arrival of baby Clark nears closer and I continue to post these weekly finds, I catch myself ONLY searching for baby items. Fun for me, not as much fun for the readers, so my apologies!

Though I’m 98.2 percent sure that I will still be searching… and still be posting baby items.

Again, my apologies!

1) Putka Pods – Seller: Shop Yellow House

  • Though we are still technically in the summer season, I have definitely been looking forward to the fall season because it is my favorite! The weather is gorgeous, the leaves are changing colors, you can pull out the long-sleeve clothing which after not seeing it since March, almost seems like new clothing! PLUS… the decorations are cute!
  • I recently received a Pottery Barn ‘Fall Design’ booklet in the mail and of course will be borrowing a few ideas from them.

For example: Fill apothecary jars with different fall-colored/fall inspired vase fillers.

Pottery Barn Version

  • This particular vase filler is $19 for probably this exact amount of pods.
  • But from Etsy? One pound or 20 cups of the exact same filler for only $7.95.
  • Yes, please!

2) Really Cool Mouse and Cheese Stoller Cover and Costume – Seller: Kikis Things

  • How wonderful would it be if my baby decided to arrive on her exact due date of Oct. 14? Not earlier, not later.
  • Though I know this very rarely happens (and will definitely not be something that I’m expecting to happen in my case), it would be fabulous to know she was going to be here that date so I could continue to plan out my schedule.
  • Like taking her to a pumpkin patch … because obviously, at two weeks of age, she is going to be particular on what kind of pumpkin she gets!
  • We could also find her the perfect Halloween costume… such as this doozy:

3) Cute bib – Seller: Spin Thread

  • I’m not a huge fan of posting items on here that I would never actually purchase, but I felt this item might be different…
  • Because if I was rich, I would purchase this!
  • I LOVE this necklace and think its the perfect additional accessory to give a simple outfit some color.

And there are your Finds of the Week!

Enjoy the remaining Thursday and Friday!


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