‘All You Wanted to Know About Babies’: Day 2

You know those food establishments that people talk about – usually mock – and you never expect them to return to that establishment.

School cafeterias, nursing home cafeterias, Long John Silvers.

One would probably classify a hospital cafeteria in this category as well. But not for the Clark’s!

Oh no!

We actually made sure that we could make it part of our second day of baby class. Like I mentioned yesterday, this cafeteria had everything that a person who loves carbohydrates would enjoy: breads, pizza, pasta. Or if you are a health nut like my wonderful husband, they also have a salad bar, milk, hot tea, etc.

We left church a little early (yes, we left early to make sure we had enough time to eat at the hospital cafeteria) and darted to the hospital, parked in a FREE parking lot (we were smarter on Day 2), and walked as quickly as I could walk (which isn’t very quick nowadays!) to the food.

As you can see, it was a happy and delightful lunch:

Eventually, we made our way to the real reason for being at the hospital.

Day two of baby class was filled with everything that happens once the baby is actually out in the real world. A pediatrician came in and talked to us about the hospital stay and who will come in to check on our baby. We talked about how mom will feel after the baby is here (ugh), how many times you take the baby to the doctor, vaccinations, when you should call the doctor (speed dial, anyone?), diapering a baby, bathing a baby, swaddling a baby.

I’d like to tell you I left the class feeling completely prepared for our baby’s arrival, but I can’t lie.

I’m still full of questions and instead of reviewing all of the things that we did learn, I started thinking of all of the things we didn’t learn – typical Allyson. Glass is always half empty.

Luckily, I have plenty of friends and family that have knowledge out the wazoo when it comes to babies. My cousin Megan gets a new daily question from me, which she always has answers to. I’m just trying to keep her on her toes (obviously she doesn’t have enough to keep her busy with a one and two year old at her feet!). I have also signed up for a breastfeeding class and carseat class at my local Babies-R-Us.

There is still plenty of learning to be done, plenty of questions to be answered and plenty of diapers and ‘stuff’ to purchase, but for now, I’ll let this past weekend soak in and be glad that I still have two months until our little one arrives.



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2 responses to “‘All You Wanted to Know About Babies’: Day 2

  1. Aunt Sally

    You will be glad you took the breastfeeding class. I did too and it really helped. I knew nothing about it! Good luck!

  2. Jenna

    Also typical Allyson: very prepared! Seriously, I hope you are ready to regurgitate all of this info when it’s my turn!

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