Etsy Finds of the Week

I would hope that one of you would tell me if you ever get tired of seeing this weekly post. I almost feel like I’m starting to post the same things – I have found my favorite sellers and if I could post their things all the time in hopes of getting something free one day, I would do it! 🙂

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this before, but I have to brag on her for a bit…

1) Baby Sloane’s Nursery Bedding – Seller: Nursery Dreams

  • I just made the payment on baby Sloane’s bedding – I hope to have it in my custody by late next week! As you can see from this seller’s shop, she has NUMEROUS fabrics to choose from and will do pretty much whatever you want!
  • I believe I changed my mind close to 10 times (it was like deciding on a major) and the seller just kept working with me, helping me decide on colors, patterns, etc. I am so excited to see the final outcome!
  • So… when you’re in the market for baby bedding and would rather not go with what everyone else is doing, check out this seller!
  • PS. I’ll be sure to post pictures of the pieces once they arrive!

2) Personalized Fused Glass Name Plate Wall Hanging – Seller: Amanda’s Fused Art

  • After finding cool items such as this, I really start to wonder how I’ve made it through 27 years of life and not had any kind of skill or craft such as this to try and make a buck off of. I took knitting and sewing during my 4-H years… unfortunately, those skills were lost almost as soon as they were found.
  • Anyway, this fused glass plate would make an awesome baby gift (minus me — if you remember my post from yesterday, I have no room for any more stuff!) for any soon-to-be parent!
  • I’d recommend making sure that this is out of the reach of little one’s hands… not sure it would last if it was hanging on the door!

3) Laptop Satchel in Tweed and Brown Faux Leather – Seller: Rejoice Bags

  • If this bag does not scream my name … Satchel, Tweed, Faux – three of my favorite things!
  • We all know that I’ve been making many attempts at being hip and cool so when Sloane arrives, I will be a full-fledged hip and cool mom (so far, the attempts have been few and far between so things are not looking up!)… I totally believe that with a bag like this, the cool and hip meter will rise significantly.

And that’s all for this week! I hope everyone’s having a good week thus far! Today was the first day of school for the Sedan Blue Devils … I’m sure my parents were the first ones at school, eager for the year to begin – like all the best teachers! 😉



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3 responses to “Etsy Finds of the Week

  1. Jenna

    I love this post … don’t stop doing it!

  2. That satchel is so YOU (I love it, too)! Maybe it could be a laptop/diaper bag? 🙂

  3. Teresa

    I love the glass wall hanging! I never find anything with my name spelled right.

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