Long Time, No Post

Alright… I know, I know. I realize that I have been MIA for more than two weeks at this point. I have a great excuse for the first week of my MIAness, but the second week, I plead pure laziness.

My apologies! I promise to return to full form, beginning today… with bullet points:

  • First off, I must tell my husband thank you for surviving two years of marriage with me. Yes, two years ago today, we took the plunge and agreed to spend the rest of our lives together. I told Matt that it feels like just yesterday that we were celebrating year one of marriage by me giving in and eating at Bonefish Grill, a restaurant that serves primarily seafood (and we all know how I feel about seafood … BLUH!). I’m pretty sure that if you had told me last year that a year from then, I would be living in Minnesota and seven months pregnant, I would have laughed at you! But then again, if you would have told me 12 years ago that I would be married to the goofy short guy from my reading period, I would have rolled with laughter, too! Luckily for me, that goofy short guy became my best friend and shortly after, the love of my life. Thanks for a wonderful two years, Matt! Wonder what year three will bring?! My guess is that we move… ha!

  • As of Wednesday, we are officially into week 32 of this pregnancy. I would say that until week 31, it has been an uncomplicated and comfortable pregnancy. But as of the last week, the comfort level has definitely dropped! If Matt doesn’t hear a loud groan from me when I roll myself into bed every night, it’s a good day! The back is hurting, she isn’t just kicking anymore, she is lodging her elbows and feet into uncomfortable places that make me jump, like I just woke up from a bad dream. And yes, I realize that I still have eight weeks to go and the discomfort level will only get worse. But I feel that I haven’t really complained much throughout this new adventure… and I need to get it out now before it’s all over with!
  • While on my two week leave from the blog world, I spent a week celebrating two weddings, two baby showers and the hottest week in Kansas. We got our lovely Gabe married on a Friday evening in Kansas City – she looked absolutely beautiful and the reception was a great time… though my friends and I realized how old we have gotten since we danced a total of five songs and spent most of the evening gathered around a table… talking. Hello Old Women!

    The next day, my wonderful friends threw me my first baby shower … Again, I must tell everyone how joining the greatest sorority on this Earth was the best decision ever. Five years after graduating, we are still close and we all still enjoy each other’s company! Plus, they like to shower people with gifts… lucky me!

    My second baby shower was held just two days before my cousin’s wedding … which meant all of the family was in attendance. This shower was to be a couple’s shower, but somehow, my husband happened to have a work trip that had been “planned for months” so he said. So I was coupleless, but not heartbroken because I was helped in the gift opening department by Stella. Yet again, Matt and I were spoiled with gifts and the shower was a wonderful time!

    We wrapped up the weekend in the lovely metropolis of Coffeyville at my cousin Maria’s wedding. I must say… I don’t remember ever spending so much time in Coffeyville! I went back and forth a few times, going through the reception decorations, setting up the reception, attending the wedding … it all turned out beautifully and Maria was an absolutely beautiful bride! The only downer of the evening was the bridal party walking out of the church to the Nebraska fight song … poor Derek (Maria’s husband!). He just grew up in the wrong state!

And now you know why I have been absent (minus the laziness from last week) … it was great to make the trek home and as we drove back to Minnesota the following Monday morning at 6:45 am, I teared up thinking that that would be the last time I would be home without a child. Such a strange thought!

Anywho, I promise to get back to a normal routine here. See you all tomorrow!



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2 responses to “Long Time, No Post

  1. maria

    Thank you so much for all you did Ally! I know have told you so many times, but honestly we couldn’t of done it without you! You are so talented and creative!!

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