Note to Self

Always be prepared when you are out in public.

What does this mean?

It means just because you are running errands and you don’t know anyone in this huge metropolis, does not mean you should be allowed to wear your crap clothes out.

And why should it matter what you’re wearing out when you’re running errands?

Because you never know where you might end up.

For example, today I had planned to run to Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and to the gas station. Obviously, no one cares what I look like at any of these three places, so throwing on a pair of ugly maternity shorts and maternity top wouldn’t matter.

Oh contraire mon fraire.

After stopping to get gas, I decided to do a drive-by of this new shopping area. Which happened to have an Anthropology in it.

Sidenote: I decided that with my attempts at being a cool and hip mom, I would be making more trips to places like this with my child to expose her to some coolness. I will never be able to purchase anything since the lowest price is a $50 t-shirt … on the sale rack … but just moseying through will never hurt anyone. And usually always spurs the creative mind.

What I forgot as I walked into this trendy shop is what I was wearing.

Totally not ‘Anthropology’ style.

And totally embarrassing.

I scurried through, found what I needed, ran to the cash register and just hoped that none of the workers asked me to leave because of my attire.

If I were them, I would have asked me to leave!

So… lesson learned. Atleast fix your hair when going out in public or put on the black shorts rather than the light khaki that you wore in junior high.

Ugh! This cool and hip thing is tough!


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